Elevenses at the Farm

  • When:11/12/15
  • QIC: Godspeed
  • The PAX: Sloppy, sb3, wojo, GOP, Ball boy, Funny farm, Meru, En-ron, Beckie

Elevenses at the Farm

The Pax were guinea pigs for my first time being QIC anywhere, and The Valley at Huntingtowne Farms gave me plenty to work with. We used the hills, the picnic tables, the trailer classroom deckware, wood trails, etc. We a lot of 11 repetitions of the exercises in commemoration of Veterans Day. It’s the day after, but at dark 30, it’s still Veterans Day in Hawaii!


11 (4ct) – overhead arm claps

11 (4ct) – mountain climbers

11 (4ct) – squats

11 (4ct) – Ballerinas

11 (4ct) – Merkins

Mosey to picnic tables:

11 (4ct) – Dips

11 (4ct) – Step ups

11 (4ct) – Derkins

Mosey to Intersection at top of the Valley – Circle Merkins, 3 Merkins at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.

Mosey to Farm Hill – Bent Jacob’s Ladder – 11x up/down hill (not up and back) – squats at bottom, Merkins at speed bump moving up in increments of one each time until 11.

Started the top, so 11th finished at the bottom.

Made our way back up the monstrous hill playing Catch Me If You Can, partners of 3, two buddy carry, the third did 5 burpees, then ran to catch the other two partners, and rotate until you reach the top.

Mosey back to the elementary school (disappointing many I’m sure running past our LP) and shimmed and lunged our way through the deckware of all the trailers.

Mosey to the trail loop in the woods, 60 sec tree squat at the bottom, and back to the top (thankfully no twisted ankles on roots, in the dark!).

Finished out strong.


Talk about doing a service project for Huntingtowne Farms Elementary in the Spring.

Sorry this took so long to get to you GOP.

See you next week, Lord willing!


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