Ball Security

  • When:11/12/2015
  • QIC: Bucky
  • The PAX: Balk, Gerber, Heartbreaker, Garbage Plate, Frack, Strawberry, Backbreaker, Chipotle, Crab Cake, Tootie, VanPelt, Turnpike, Cheese Curd, Mr Miyagi, Cable Guy, Go Daddy, Smash, Morning After, Bucky QIC

Ball Security

Posted on behalf of Bucky

The Thang:

20 welcomed dry, cool morning at Rebel Yell.

Disclaimer Given

COP: SS Hop, Mtn Climb, Merkin, Squat, Imperial Walk.

Mosey to Apricot Lane

WarmupLines- ButtKick, HighKnee, Crossover, Carioca, Bounding, Slides, Backpedal, Sprint 75%, Sprint 100%.

To the Murderhorn

Rock Pile-grab a rock, cadence count 15 curls, 15 triceps, 15 squats (2 rounds).

Ran back up Murderhorn doing 20 Broad Jumps and 30 Wide Merkins along the way.

Near Launch spot had to call an audible at the line (we would have destroyed the grass hill and our shoes due to mud).  Instead Everyone from Group1 and Group2 needed to catch a pass from QBs – all others Bear Crawl away and run back until all caught a pass.  Second round all did ab Freddy Mercurys until all completions.

Ran out of timeouts so couldn’t quite get to other plans, but a solid effort that should pay dividends for upcoming games.


Panther fans gloated, handling the V over the Pack with class.  Packer fans put their heads down and got back to work, knowing it’s a long season and a lot can still happen.  Crisp route running and ball security were emphasized.  Two footballs circulated the pax throughout the workout, and came into play in the 4th quarter.

Welcome to FNG- Jamz (Okletey Wilson-Tei)

Thank you to Go Daddy for taking us out.


Holiday Party sign up coming soon.

Backbreaker is looking for volunteers to assist with their Thanksgiving drive. They will be providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need. Please see him if you can assist/volunteer.

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