• When:11/12/2015
  • QIC: Daisy
  • The PAX: Backdraft, Goodhands, Queen, Marge, Nuke, Daisy


The intent of today’s workout was to be delightfully simple yet tastefully brutal. Here’s what the 6 headed hydra did:

*Run around the baby track 3 times
*Once, regular run
*Once, karaoke
*Once, with butt kickers and high knees

*Head over the the nearest, least muddy football field and partner up.
One partner does an exercise while the other runs backwards across the field and forwards back across. Keep track of your numbers and you should collectively do:
*500 squats
*400 mercans
*300 freddie mercuries

To the playground!
*10 obligatory, good form (lock out your elbows) pull-ups

To the other parking lot!
*lunge walk to the trees, backwards lunge walk back across the lot

Back to our original gathering spot for some peer-led Mary
-Look at the cool colors of the sky


Today hurt, especially the mercans. I’m fairly certain Good Hands was cranking out more than his fair share on our end of the field. Nuke was in pure beast mode with the obligatory pull-ups, good work. Marge can lunge walk perhaps faster than my best mosey.
Running backwards, YHC was a little intimidated by the possibility of collision with Queen. A collision would have ended pretty poorly for YHC, don’t mess with Queen on the run. Finally, who knew Backdraft had such an appreciation for beautiful sunrises (and maybe astronomy)? In all seriousness, it’s those moments when you can look up and enjoy the out of doors we’ve been blessed with that make a beatdown a little more enjoyable.

Turkeybowl at 7AM on Thanksgiving. Check the twitter.

Q slots may be filled through January 1. However, they are available after that. If you haven’t yet, you can/should.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead and grow.


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Good Hands
8 years ago

Great Q today, Daisy. My arms and legs are still feeling it! Thanks for leading!

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