Dealing with sodden cards

  • When:11/7/15
  • QIC: Swiss Miss
  • The PAX: Moon River, Marge, Sony (WB, HH), Boone, Triple 7 (WD, respect), Swiss Miss (Q)

Dealing with sodden cards

Forecast for this morning was only low percent chance of rain. We beat the odds with almost constant rain that varied from light to drenching every few minutes. Unfortunately, we didn’t get so lucky with the cards. Here’s what happened:

Mosey around kiddie track and on second lap add backward-run, side-hops, high-knees back-kick.

15 SSH
10 4-count chest to ground Merkins
15 IW
15 speed skater (R+L=1)
10 LSS

Mosey to playground for the MAIN THANG:

Deal out deck. Each pax calls cards in hand. 10 count before next Pax hand.

Deck of cards including jokers (10-count): Suit is exercise, number = #reps. Ace is 11, faces are ten,
Heart=Spartan Burpie (bonus=Full Burpie)
Diamond = Merkin (bonus=Diamond Merkin)
Club = supine pullup (bonus = pullup)
Spade = dead bug (bonus = there is none)

Mosey to bleachers. Shuffle and re-deal (audible b/c time: play only first 5 cards)
Heart = squats (bonus = jumpsquats)
Diamond = CDD (bonus=feet on first bench of bleachers)
Club = lunge (bonus = sistermarycatherine) R+L=1
Spade = dips

Mosey back to parking lot.


Christmas party Dec 12: hold the date
Joe Davis Memorial Run Jan 9: sign up
F3 Gear Store – pre-order by 11/21
Convergence 11/11 @ Anvil (Calvary) @ usual time

YHC hasn’t Q’d at Ascent in ages, so was happy to bring an old favorite out of the ol’ bag o’ tricks: the card deck. It’s fun to mix things up, and YHC trusts that while the deck may have been a little suspect, the entertainment value was worth the extra ten reps.
The mumblechatter was light as the breathing got heavy: multiple cards of the same suit does lead to some O2 deprivation.
I appreciate the privilege of leading, and look forward to seeing you at a future A51 (or MH) workout soon.

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