Newton’s Law of Motion

  • When:11/05/15
  • QIC: Crabcake
  • The PAX: Wild turkey, McGee, Strawberry, cold cuts, Gerber, go daddy, big tuna, cheddar, Freon, pink panther (Respect), loogie, frack, goonie, Falk, Mr. Miagee, Torpedo, Twister ( respect), paperjam, Crabcake.

Newton’s Law of Motion

19 pax decided to show up for what I will call an epic breakdown that included very little rest and a lot of movement. Hence the night before tweet if you caught it. Here is what we did.
Warm up jog to the front of Smoke (seem fitting) and circle up. Disclaimer given and instructions on how the first part was to proceed. After every exercise called, would immediately start SSH until the next exercise was called.
SSH— 5 burpees— SSH— 20 markings OYO when done SSH— IW x25 IC when done SSH— 5 burpees when done SSH— 25 squats OYO when done SSH— Plank. Peter parker x 10 IC. Parker Peter x 10 IC. Recover.
Mosey over to Firebird, partner up
P1 does exercise; P2 runs to bottom of hill 20 LBC and flapjack.
100 CDD cumulative with feet on wall.
Plank until all done
100 dips cumulative
LBC until all done
Mosey over to side of target, but halfway there stop and complete 5 burpees
Jack Squat Ladder
1 jump squat. 4 squats
2 jump squats. 8 squats
Up to 5 jump squats and 20 squats and then ladder down.
By this time your legs should be burning so head over to speed bumps for suicides.
Run to 2nd bump 20 heals to heaven, back to 1st bump 20 merkins
Run to 3rd bump 20 heals to heaven, back to 2nd bump 20 merkins
Run to 4th bump 20 heals to heaven, back to 3rd 20 merkins
Run to 5th bump 20 heals to heaven, back to 4th 20 merkins
If you finish early and there were a few, go back and collect the 6. No one left behind
Head back and at move theater entrance, 5 burpees.
Head over to far side of theater lot, find your partner and collect a rock. Yes, they are still there.
P1 shoulder press
P2 20 markings
Flapjack until both have completed 2 cycles and put rock back
Circle up for a little Mary or should I say Freddy Mercury x25 IC since that’s all the time we had.

Thanks for allowing me to lead everyone through the gloom. The idea was to keep moving and not allow the heart rate to settle down. I think this was accomplished, at least for me it was. Sitting here at my desk, my legs are feeling it. It’s been just about 3 years for me this month and I can honestly say, this is some of the greatest guys I have met.

Christmas Party Dec 12.
Joe Davis Run January 9.

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