Indians have all the fun

  • When:11/04/15
  • QIC: Udder
  • The PAX: Nuke (Site FNG), Header, Semi Gloss, Good Hands, Puddin Pop, Huggie Bear, Geraldo, Triple 7 (R), Back Office, Peacock, BoGo, Retread, Goonie, Butter Maker, Stage Coach, Dollywood, Skywalker, Udder (QIC)

Indians have all the fun

18 braves stepped outside their teepees, shook the fart sack off and submitted their daily downpainment. No FNGS, a short disclaimer to let everyone know how we do this thang and we’re off.

Mosey to daycare parking lot for COP

SSH x 20, ISW x 20, Merkins x 20

That’s enough of that. Mosey out to 51. Indian Run from strawberry lane to davie park. Slow mosey into the playground.

The Thang
Cindy AMRAP – 5 x Pull ups, 10 x Merkins, 15 x Squat, 1 lap around the parking lot. 10 mins on the clock. Go!

Finish your last set and plank it up in the parking lot. Last one out close the gate.

Plankorama – Semi Gloss led some left and right side arms/legs high and passed back to YHC. 6 inches + 10 count from Geraldo, back to plank. Semi gloss moves to recover but no such command was stated. 6 inches + 10 count Skywalker. plank. 6 inches + 10 count Semi Gloss. plank. 6 inches + 10 count Stage Coach. plank. 6 inches + 10 count YHC

Up and slow mosey to 51. Indian run back to strawberry lane

Quick stop off at the daycare for some Mary.
Flutter x 20. Rock Hopper x 10. Dolly x 15. Rockhopper x 25. Rosie x 20. Mtn Climber x 10. LBC x 20. Mtn Climber x 10. Heels 2 Heaven x 20. Rock Hopper x 10

Mosey back to SCMS parking lot. Line up at the east end. 10 burpees OYO and AYG to the west end of the lot. 100+ yards

At this time YHC was having a vision quest from O2 deprivation.

Lots of new faces out there this morning. I suppose that happens when you’re on IR for 2 months. Encouraging how strong F3 is almost 5 years after the first work out. Triple Claps to all of you for your commitment to reach more sad clowns and help us build a strong, responsible and morale group of men. This country needs us now more than ever. It is truly and honor to be able to lead the PAX.

That said, Semi Gloss can’t follow instructions, but we all knew that. Keep trying brother. Stage Coach is a ray of sunshine all the time and counts like the MicroMachines guy. I missed my opportunity to call out the PAX on their counting. Seemed pretty dazed and confused out there. Next time I’ll get on everyone. Header can never be beat. Ever.

12/12/15 Xmas party @Sardis country club – Contact Geraldo to help

11/14/15 GoRuck Brew Ruck – Contact Dora if interested

1/9/16 Joe Davis Run

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