Don’t be a fool. Stay in school.

  • When:11/02/15
  • QIC: Udder
  • The PAX: Fireman Ed, Adobe, BoGo, Marge, Boo Yeah, Udder (QIC)

Don’t be a fool. Stay in school.

6 foolish pax showed up for a rain soaked beat down. No FNGs and a brief disclaimer and we head off into the gloom. YHC got enough time in our mosey to the front of the school to figure out a plan to stay mostly dry. Under the school walkway we commence.

COP – in cadence
SSH x 25, ISW x 25, merkins x 15, mtn climbers x 20 (ISW = Imperial Squat Walker)

All warmed up we mosey around the corner for a little partner work.

The Thang
6 guys = 2 groups of 3 for a little circuit work. 2 guys run up driveway to strawberry lane and back as the timer. 4 stay back out of the rain and do called exercise. Goal was 50 of each exercise with everyone running a round. Dealers choice on exercise. Lbc, slow squats, balls to the walls, protractor, cdd, last set was burpees and all you got on run. (Crowd pleaser)

Take a break for Peoples Chair. Bout a minute with lots of Air Presses.

still got time for some Mary with a hee haw twist. In cadence Dolly x 25/Donkey Kicks x 10, Flutter x 25/DK x 10, Rosalita x 25/DK x 10, LBC x 25/DK x 10, Heels 2 Heaven x 25/DK x 10

3 mins left leaves time for a little Jack Webb to stop by. up to 5 and back down. 25 Merkins/100 Air Presses

Mosey back to the start

Lots of hard work out there this morning. Glad I could lead in the rain. Was hoping to see Simba out there with a bag over the boot. No dice. Oh well. Heal up fast buddy. We know your dying to get back out into the gloom. Bogo is getting used to the format. Welcome brother. Adobe, Marge and Boo Yeah were pushing hard on runs. Apparently trying to dodge the rain drops. Fireman Ed was our mumble chatterbox for the morning. Nothing new with that. Although I heard out of him something about maintaining fat-burn zone. I tried brother. I tried. The rain could not put a damper on our spirits but did completely screw up my pre-thought out workout plans. Good thing we have an awesome facility with some “dry” options. Once again, Thanks for letting me lead. Udder out.


Joe Davis Memorial Run price just went up. Register now and join in on one of F3’s biggest race gatherings in Charlotte. (Fort Mill technically) Joe Davis Run

Basecamp is looking for Q’s. Get with Fireman Ed or Simba to sign up.

Area51 X-mas party. Rumors are its 12/12 at a country club. Stay tuned for more details. If you wanna help, contact Geraldo.

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