Zombies take over Stonehenge

  • When:10/31/15
  • QIC: Stump Hugger
  • The PAX: Mic Check, Commish, Gumbo, One Niner, Linus, Wild Turkey, Fireman Ed, Fire Hazard, Tiger Rag, Mr. Beam, Outback, Soft Pretzel, Cheddar, Big Dog, Pop, Haggis, Mighty Mite, Loogie, Stump Hugger (Q)

Zombies take over Stonehenge

19 decided it would be a good day after all the threats of Zombies to post at Stonehenge (language) to see for themselves what all the fuss was about.




Bloody Moleskin:
It was an honor to lead again today. Mr. Bean calls it a VQ if you never have Q’d Stonehenge. Now I think I understand why! Great group of guys posting today. Thanks to Tiger Rag for bringing the iron and so graciously setting up. Also for the closing prayer. Tclaps to TR and Outback for a little pre-run before the post.

Items of Interest:
GLADIATOR GAMES V ON 12/12/2015 – all levels of fitness are welcome. Step up and post!!

2016 Joe Davis Memorial Run – Support our Brother Rock Thrill as his event changes lives!

Area51 Christmas Party on 12/12/2015 – Look for tweets and info

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