A ¾ mile Indian Run is a good idea, right??

  • When:10/30/15
  • QIC: Fire Hazard
  • The PAX: Beaker, Pebbles, One-Niner, Wing Man, Mario, Tuck, Cable Guy, Wild Turkey, Haggis, Outback, Frehley’s Comet, Champagne, Fire Hazard (QIC)

A ¾ mile Indian Run is a good idea, right??

13 brave men headed out for a nice jog in the brisk morning air.

The Thang……
This was a veteran crew so we headed to the parking lot in the corporate park for a quick warm-up.
In cadence:
20 – SSH
20 – IW

I thought about doing a Triple Nickel on the Ben Nevis hill, but as I measured out the mileage on the drive this a.m. I noted that would be 7.5 miles and a really boring workout. So to ensure I didn’t receive a beating from the Pax. I altered my plan.

We headed to the bottom of Ben Nevis for a little running with exercises mixed in. As a side note, I have found out who (or actually what) Ben Nevis is. it is actually the highest mountain in the British Isles. My guess is Haggis had something to do with naming this one.
Anyway here is what we did:
Run up the hill with a stop at each side street.
1st – 5 Burpees
2nd – 10 Jump Squats
3rd – 10 Merkins
4th – 10 Heels to the Heavens
5th – 10 Jump-ups on the wall by Lancaster Highway
Repeat this down and up the hill one more time. Group Mary while we wait for the 6.

Next I thought that a ¾ mile Indian run would be a prudent way to move the Pax from one part of this large AO to the other.

We stopped to catch our breath with 6 count Burpees. The only problem was I was counting and doing 8 count body builders. Just because I made that mistake we did an extra 15. You would have thought that I would know how to call an exercise and do that exercise in cadence by now, but I don’t. My goal is to have that down pat by my 1 year anniversary.

We then moseyed over to Loch Ness.
Start at the picnic tables 20 – Dips
Then to the first building for 20 – Incline Merkins
Then the 2nd building for 20 – Jump-ups
Rinse and Repeat 3 times

The group completed a little Mary and plank work while the 6 caught-up and then we headed back to the start point for some more Mary.
Heel to the Heavens
The Chippy Cross
Toe Tap Crunches

The Moleskin:
There was a small amount of mumble chatter, a little harassing of the Q for bad cadence, and some overall groans from the Pax today. The funniest thing I saw was when Pebbles convinced One-Niner that he had to do 10 Burpees instead of 5 on Ben Nevis and laughed as he took of up the hill. Everyone pushed hard today especially during the Indian run. One-Niner was killing it the whole workout. I was really impressed by the ability of all the PAX to stay pretty close together and push each other the entire workout. Wild Turkey and Tuck really pushed on the Indian Run Sprints all the way to the end. One last comment, no matter what Champagne says I did complete all the exercises around Loch Ness and he was just running a little slower than normal.
It was a pleasure to lead this fine group of men. I appreciate all of the work from the Pax. Thank you for giving me the chance to lead and pushing me to work harder each time I am out in the gloom.

Join up for the Joe Davis 5k or 10k, check the weekly email for details
Gladiator Games are 12/12 – Be there to beat Pebbles
Thanksgiving Weekend Turkey Bowl- Will be in the News Letter this week
Meet at VGBG at the music factory and hang out with some Mecca guys
Spartan Beast in 2 weeks – Champaign and Ickey will be there

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8 years ago

My favorite line of the day was during the Indian Run when Pebbles asked Champaign if he calls his bedroom the Champaign Room. Then, I believe, Fire Hazard said yes, because there’s no sex in the Champaign Room.

8 years ago

a search of this website turned up this old post on ben nevis. http://f3nation.com/2014/05/05/f3swift-preblast-new-highlands/
So is Brat responsible and did the name stick when it was merely a by example?

8 years ago

Here’s a blog on the highest point in Charlotte – 885 ft above sea level. It’s nowhere near S. Charlotte.

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