Site Q Dbl Team

  • When:10/22/2015
  • QIC: Heartbreaker / Strawberry
  • The PAX: Frehley’s Comet, Crabcake, Turnpike, Loogie, Pebbles, Van Pelt, Heartbreaker, Torpedo, Frack, Smash, Goonie, Gerber, Kid Rock, Wild Turkey, Morning After, Bucky, Poptart, Go Daddy, Strawberry

Site Q Dbl Team

19 for a site Q led beatdown. Shovel Planted, Disclaimer given, No FNG’s

– Mosey to lot next to Firebirds


– Merkins- x15, SSH x20, Mountain Climbers x20, IW x20, Squats x20
– Mosey to The Regal parking lot
– 17’s or 4 Corners: Each corner Merkins & LBC=17. Starting with 1 Merking & 16 LBC. Finish when you get to 16 Merkins & 1 LBC. Finishers go back and finish with the PAX
– Jack Webb Ab’s: Heels to Heaven x1 & LBC x4, Heels to Heaven x2 & LBC x8, up to Heels to Heaven x10 & LBC x40

Over to Strawberry

– Mosey to speed bumps behind shopping center: Karaoke right/left and run backwards between each hump. 10 Merkins at each hump.
– Break up into teams of 3 for grinders. One at top of hill; one across lot at sidewalk; one running in between. 300 LBC / 200 Merkins per team.
That’s turned out to be too easy so we added an additional 200 LBC and 100 Merkins.
– Double time back to cars for finish.

No Moleskin this time.

– New bible study – DM Simba if interested
– Joe Davis Memorial Run – 1/9/15 – sign up quickly for the early bird special. Sign up regardless to support a F3 brother and a great cause.
– Thanksgiving Day turkey bowl. Get a team together.

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