“I” before “E,” Especially in “G-O-O-N-I-E

  • When:10/26/15
  • QIC: Goonie
  • The PAX: Insomniac, Tawny, Stay Puff (R), Uncle Si, Strawberry, Fireman Ed, Daisy, 777 (R), Heartbreaker, Kilowatt (R), Thunder Road, Goonie

“I” before “E,” Especially in “G-O-O-N-I-E

Written by gooney posted by Ed

12 Pax got out of the fartsack a little earlier than they would like to enjoy a beatdown that would even make Chunk hurt for the rest of the day. On Sunday, a crippled Simba previewed that “Gooney” would be on Q. I’m going to blame the sparse attendace on the confusion of no one knowing who “Gooney” is. I’m positive it had nothing to do with the late Panthers game…..

Disclaimer was given and admittance of first-time Q-age was presented. I was just hoping they’d take it easy on me. It didn’t take me long to screw up.

The Thang

Mosey around the parking lot with buttkickers and high knees, head down to the baseball fields
– SSH x 20 (yes, I messed up my very first cadence – laughter ensued. I was glad I got it out of the way – lower expectations for the rest of the workout)
– IW x 20
– Hillbillies x 20
– LSS x 20
– Jack Webb

Mosey to the area between the baseball fields and pair up for partner work. First partner would run up the steps to the concession stand, turn toward the track, and then back down the ramp to the fields. Second partner with called exercise:
– Step-Ups x 2 rounds
– Lunges x 2 rounds
– LBC’s x 2 rounds
Thanks to the overachievers who led Plank-o-rama while everyone was finishing their rounds

Mosey up the steps to the parking lot, 4 Pax grab decent-size rocks, as the cinder blocks have gone MIA from SCMS. Time for some Grinders:
– Overhead presses and merkins
– Squats and merkins
– Curls and merkins
– Tricep curls and merkins

Circle up for some Mary:
– American Hammer/Russian Twist x 15
– Heels to Heaven x 15
– Freddie Mercury x 15
– Dolly x 15
– Rosalita x 15
– Protractor
– LBC’s x 40 civilian count



Thanks for letting me lead today. It was an honor. Thank you to some of the Rebel Yell guys who made a point to support me on my VQ – it means a lot. The workout was a little more leg-intensive than I meant it to be, but I figure it’s okay if everyone else is walking around like an old man, too. I’m looking forward to the next one.

– Joe Davis run January 9th – sign up now for early-bird discount
– F3 Christmas party is December 12th (along with every other one I’ve been invited to). Sardis Country Club. Geraldo is Q’ing.

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