Are you faster than a 6th Grader? (Knight Rider’s VQ)

  • When:10/19/15
  • QIC: Knight Rider (VQ)
  • The PAX: Balk, Smash, Robin Hood (Respect x 2 ... 65yrs old!), BoGo, Thunder Road, Goonie, Heartbreaker, Lorax, Nutter Butter, Fireman Ed, Torpedo, Big Tuna, Triple 7 (Respect), Marge, Booyah, Early Bird, Knight Rider (QIC)

Are you faster than a 6th Grader? (Knight Rider’s VQ)

posted by Simba on behalf of Knight Rider

17 brave (or foolish) men posted for a cold 34 degree morning at Base Camp. YHC gave the disclaimer that not only am I not a professional but this was also my first Q and made sure there was fair warning in advance before leading the PAX into the cold and dark unknown.

Mosey ~1/2 mile around campus with a couple repeats of the stairs by the concession stand to regroup before heading to the track.

Partner up with Muggsy Bogues (aka size doesn’t matter) and try to pick someone you don’t know. Almost everyone was able to grab someone they either didn’t know or didn’t know well. YHC explained these partners were purely for encouragement and/or heckling. To be there for each other to motivate (and be motivated by) an unfamiliar face (not that we could see each other’s faces).


SSH x 20 IC, Merkin x 10 IC, LBC (30 seconds OYO), Imperial Walkers x 20 IC, I feel like we did something else in here… not sure what, but I know we didn’t do burpees!

Short interval ladder on the track (50 meters, 75m, 100m, 200m, 100m, 75m, 50m) with various exercises (no burpees) between for recovery. These were run ~75% maximum effort with the last two (75m & 50m) run all out.

YHC had a few objectives when planning this workout… Since I had previously coached track at South Charlotte, I had to make use the track and I also wanted to try to keep the PAX grouped together and not too spread out. At 1am (a few hours before the workout) I was on FB and learned there would be meteor showers so I added another objective… spend time on our 6 to get a chance to see God’s light show.

In the true spirit of keeping this moderate and ‘modifying as needed’ part of the group was given the option to return to the parking lot from the track while the rest split off for a mosey around the baseball field to the bottom of the dirt road hill. YHC introduced the PAX to ‘Hillga’ as the track kids nicknamed her and after a run/sprint to the top everyone was finished just in time.

By the end of the workout we had sprinted 650m on the track, run a little over 2 miles total, completed a decent number of exercises, witnessed 4+ shooting stars and Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

Thank you to those who led the Mary exercises between intervals and great job to everyone for putting on their sprinting shoes (especially Lorax who led almost every sprint) and for making it out!

Announcements… Third F at Dunkin Donuts right after this (not much info was known or given)

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