More is better

  • When:10/24/2015
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: FNG Former Rabbit (Rocky C), Junk Yard Dog, One Man Band, Viper (Respect), Glass Joe (QIC)

More is better

As we continue to explore the Anson campus, we find even more than we anticipated. Like finding some cinder blocks near the practice field last week. Those will be useful. And we continued the Anson tradition of at least one FNG each week so off we go…

The Thang
Mosey around the parking lot

SSH IC x 20
IW IC x 20
Hand-Release Merkins OYO x10

Mosey to the loop driveway in front of the school to find DORA.

Or at least a half DORA 1-2-3
Partner 1 runs to the top of the lop and does Burpees x5
Partner 2 does AMRAP of the exercise.
Flapjack until combined number of exercises reached
Exercise: Merkins x50, LBCs x100, Squats x150

A full DORA 1-2-3 would be 100/200/300 but we have more to see and do so off we go

Mosey back to the large parking lot where we began.
Parking space suicides – 2 up/1 back for approximately 20 parking spaces
Mosey to the lower set of parking spaces
Bear Crawl through the space and then increasing merkins+1 on each parking space line. Ended up doing merkins x11 to finish this one. Wasn’t popular but everyone is better for completing it.
Parking space suicides – 2 up/1 back

Mosey to the road
At each light pole, we stop for Army Situps (lock arms and we go down and up as one group)
1st light pole, Army Situps x10
2nd light pole, Army Situps x20
3rd light pole, Army Situps x20

Intended to go to 30 but time was working against me so I audibled to run to the cinder block pile and keeping the same groups from the DORA, each group grab a cinder block and carry it to the practice field.

P1 runs while P2 does AMRAP of the called cinder block exercise.
Called cinder block exercises: 1) Curls, 2) Triceps, 3) Hold the block in front of you as long as possible, 4) Squat Thrusts
Being good stewards, we return the blocks back to their pile

Pinball run to the stadium

People’s Chair w/ Air Presses x20
People’s Chair w/ Air Presses x20
BTW walk along the wall for 20-25 feet (or lunge walk as an alternative)

AYG run over to the stands
2 minutes of running the stairs

AYG run back to the parking lot for 5 minutes of Mary
Dolly IC x40
Extended Protractor
Flutters IC x10


Thanks to Junk Yard Dog for taking us out and a reminder of what we are supposed to be about as men in our family and in our world.

Before we even began, OMB tells the group that he is down 10 pounds in the last three weeks and has started to lift again. Building muscle while losing weight means he is entering beast mode. Speaking of OMB, you could have ended the bear crawl/merkins awfulness without finishing those last 11 merkins. You chose to finish. #noregrets #F3Strong

Former Rabbit came out the gate strong. Strong runner who pushed hard throughout and did the BTW walk along the wall which is impressive for a FNG. Named Former Rabbit because he’s right around 30 with 4 kids. So we were joking about naming him rabbit and then Viper asked if there would be a 5th and FR said there would not be a 5th. Thus, Former Rabbit. You will get to tell everyone about your kids every time you have to explain your name. #Fatherhood

There is no doubt that Junk Yard Dog is getting stronger and faster every week. He is clear proof the #getbetter is in effect in Anson. I saw you out front running that pinball run and even making the turn to pick up the six. Continue to push the group.

Viper continues to be the heart and soul of the group. Out there every Saturday and just encourages the guys to keep working hard. These workouts aren’t easy for guys in their 20s/30s so to be doing them in your late 50s is just awesome to see. #Navystrong #F3strong

Missed Flash Card, Half Moon and Fenderbender this Saturday but some had work, wife at work and late night ride-alongs happening so look forward to seeing them next week.

YHC was thankful for the opportunity to lead. Hearing about the results of weight already lost and seeing the improvement in just the last four weeks is exciting. Multiple guys said they had made eating/drinking changes already. Discipline has a way of carrying over to other parts of our lives. Just wait till four months from now to see the difference.

Had to audibly remind myself that you shouldn’t Q it if you can’t do it on that stupid bear crawl/merkin deal. That was a tough one and sweat was left on the parking lot. But every man finished as there is no quit in the men from Anson.

Next week has Runstopper on Q. Invite some guys to join.

Until next week!

Glass Joe

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