Mini Murph Strikes Again

  • When:10/24/15
  • QIC: Salt Lick
  • The PAX: Special Sauce, Liger, Double E's, Squid, Goofy Foot, Smoky, The Count, Salt Lick (Q)

Mini Murph Strikes Again

8 Pax (including three 2.0s) braved the 55 degree weather for an epic upper body beat down. Many 10 counts were had and lots of huffing an puffing. YHC could barely move the next morning due to the Qdrenaline.

The Thang:

Mosey to lot
Side straddle hops x 20
Merkins x 20
Mountain climbers x 20
Imperial walker x 20

Cheezwhiz through buses

Mosey to playground with backward run, high knees and butt kickers


10 Pullups
20 Merkins
30 Squats

Repeat 5x

Mary while everyone finishes
LBCs, Flutters

Mosey to wall

Wall squats x 3 (one round with arm raises called by Squid)
Balls to the Wall x 2 (inverted pushups extra credit)

Mosey to the practice field

Bear crawl relay
Partner up

Partner 1 bear crawls (or lunge walk) to 20 yard line and back
Partner 2 does squats
2nd round bear crawl with side straddle hop
3rd round lunge walk with LBCs
4th round lunge walk merkins

Mosey to bleachers

Grab a bench

3 rounds
10 step ups/jump ups
20 dips
20 decline push ups
Run to top and back down

Back to lot for a little stretching and COT

Announcements: The Count asked for prayer for his dad Clem for health and healing. Also Anson expansion going well. 7-8 men regularly attending.

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Hair Band
8 years ago

Um, Cheesewhiz? Is that like the #cheeseweave with a bathroom break?!

Sounds like a great beatdown but seeing daughter at college > seeing you guys.

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