Gimme Three Steps

  • When:10/24/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Nuke, Moon River, Linux, Heisenburg, Mall Cop, Sonoma, Sony, Slim Fast

Gimme Three Steps

8 brave souls accepted the challenge of Ascent this morning amidst the cool Fall breeze blowing across the barren tundra of Olde Providence Elementary… or something like that!  Only one person was coming in hot on 2-wheels… YHC!!  But with everyone in place, we left the comforts of the parking lot and headed towards the fields for the following:

The Thang:
Started with slow mosey around ball fields and back to the front field.  Circle up for COP starting with disclaimer.
SSH x 20
5 Burpees OYO
IW x 20
4 Burpees OYO
Low Slow Squats x 10
3 Burpees OYO
Merkins x 10
2 Burpees OYO
Mountain Climbers x 15
1 Burpee OYO

Mosey to ball field for some outfield centuries… what are those, you ask???
Partner up.  Partner 1 does called exercise while Partner 2 runs to center field fence then back.  Flap jack until the combined partner reps are complete:
1.  100 Merkins
2.  200 LBC’s
3.  300 Squats
Mixed in some recovery moseys to alleviate total arm-smoke!  (too late??)

Mosey over to concession stand for 20-20-20…. what’s that, you ask???
Find a bench:  20 step ups (1- each leg), 20 dips, 20 incline merkins… rinse and repeat.  Mosey for recovery, then finish with 20 step ups, 20 dips, 20 DECLINE merkins… yowsa!!

Slow mosey to fields next to the school for some Mary.
Dolly x 20
Flutter x 20
LBC x 20
Elbow Plank for 1-minute x 2…. this is where Nuke requested some Lynyrd Skynyrd… so YHC obliged with “Gimme Three Steps”…. it’s all I could come up with at that moment of pain!

Mosey back to front field for Cumberland County Viaducts x10 both sides, then stretching, then DONE!

Excellent job!  Sonoma listened to his body, and when he got a twinge, he did the absolute SMART thing and called it a morning.  I only add that so other will see that it IS THE SMART THING TO DO!!  I hope it was nothing major and that you are back out with us ASAP!

Great bunch of guys at this AO… I always love leading and working out here!  I know everyone has tons on there plates on a Saturday as everyone was heading off to soccer and football games!  It was great way to get the weekend kicked off!

Two lady’s were doing some interesting yoga-type moves at the school when we finished.  Moon River committed to wear a similar outfit and do the same moves next week… Everyone bring your mobile phones/cameras!!

Best wishes were expressed for the PAX at the Mud Run.

Slim Fast took us out in prayer.

1.   Consider committing to the Joe Davis 5k or 10k run on Jan 9.  More details will be coming out shortly.

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