War Baby? Is that a good thing?

  • When:01/12/15
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Snowflake (WD), Jamboree, Orlando, Flutie Flakes, Hops (WB)

War Baby? Is that a good thing?

The SF was planted securely, and 5 old men were on their way for another stroll around the DMZ.

The Thang:

Run 1/2 mile to Carmel Presbyterian


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

Break into 2 groups.  1st group was the really old men (Snowflake & Jamboree) and the 2nd group were the 3 not-quite-as-old (Flutie Flakes, Orlando & YHC) for the following:

1st group runs lap around parking lot while 2nd group does H-R merkins. Flapjack.

Did 5 laps with the exercises being: LBCs, Flutters, CDDs, Plankorama

Run 1/2 mile back to Carmel Road Park

Lunge walk 30 yds

Bearcrawl 30 yds

Lunge walk 30 yds

Bearcrawl 30 yds

Jog to CAC courtyard/campus for the following:

People’s Chair variations including overhead press x 25 IC, R/L off ground, Frankenstein, TD signal

Donkey Kick x 15 OYO in between 2 or 3 People’s Chair variations

Run to benches on Colony Road side of campus for following:

15 dips, 15 derkins, 15 step-up’s.  Rinse & Repeat

Run to lowest part of lot.

Backwards run uphill 60ish yards.

AYG run back to courtyard for following:

Plankorama including: Chilcutt, Laettner, Southern Gentleman, Yankee Agressor

Freddie Mercury x 13 IC

Makthar Ndjaiye x 13 IC

Russian Twist x 13 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Run back to Carmel Park lot for following:

Plank/6 Inches Wave x 2 or 3?

Protractor, finishing with leg lifts (10 degree to 60 degree) x 20 IC


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Thankful 4 of pax joined me for the downpainment this morning.  T-claps to Jamboree for running in for the workout.  YHC always offers him ride home after DMZ, and the Silent Assassin always politely declines.

Orlando said he thought about running in….but changed his mind after hearing the rattling of his gutters with the rain.  Just glad you posted brother!

Didn’t hear Snowflake’s dog barking its head off this morning, perhaps muffled by YHC’s lid and the downpour.

Flutie Flakes was sporting his Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run long-sleeve T-shirt this morning – strong work at the race there Saturday brother; and strong work this morning, too.

As is always the case, it was a privilege to lead the pax.  Not sure whether YHC’s War Baby status was a good thing?  It was a first in my 3+ years of doing F3.  Where were all the hate-hate’s and hate’s?


F3 Ski still has room – Alta Utah – a place like no other.  Sign up!

Charlotte Brain Tumor Race: Saturday, March 21, 2015, Marshall Park, Charlotte, NC.  Team Chepul Hill (Bill Chepul – Chelms’ & Abacus’ brother is fighting for his life against a brain tumor) would love the support.  Run with them, contribute, come support: http://www.braintumorcommunity.org/site/TR/TeamraiserEvents/CharlotteBrainTumorRace?team_id=71982&pg=team&fr_id=2420





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