Maul is better than Mall

  • When:01/07/14
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: Lugie, Mic Check, Camacho, Haggis, Puppy Love, Dolphin, Escargo, Duncan, Philmont, Strawberry, Big Tuna, Heartbreaker, Madaam Tussauds, Long Haul, Rip Curl, Floor Slapper, Frazier, Pop,

Maul is better than Mall

Now that the holidays are over, it was great to get back to the Maul and away from the Mall. The PAX caught a break with weather of a balmy 28 degrees as compared to the forecast for the next few days being significantly colder.

Warmup: SSX X 25, Imperial Walker X 25, Slow Squat X 20, Merkins X 15 (30), LBC X 25, 8 Count Burpee X 10, Merkins X 10 (20).

Workout: Behind the mall we did various exercises / runs betwen the speed bumps and various merkins x 10 at the speed bumps. Bear crawls, karaoke, high knees, backward run.  Merkins, Diamonds, Wide merkins, Carolina Dry Docks.  Mosey to side parking lot and broke into 2 groups. Partner 1 sprinted to end of lot and up the grass hill for 5 squats. Partner 2 did LBC’s (200 Total). Repeat with Dips on the curb (150 Total).  After these two sets, we did planks for 2 minutes shifting between elbows, regular, and 6 inches.  Circled up for Mary and Merkins (10 merkins between each set of Mary with 20 in cadence)). Mary included:  LBC, Dolly, Flutter, Bicycle, Heels to Heaven, Mason Twist, Protractor.  Finished the circle with 10 8-count burpees. Ran back to launch with sprints and jogging resting once for planks and 6 inches.

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