Welcome to ’15

  • When:01/03/15
  • QIC: Snowflake
  • The PAX: Ice9, Dasher, Hot Pants, Intimidator, Hot Tub, Bratwurst, Calzone, Snowflake

Welcome to ’15

Can this really be the first Saturday of the New Year? Balmy weather greeted 8 Pax at WHS for the following:

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
Squat x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
LBC x 15

Mosey to front wall of school for People’s Chair
Lunge Walk length of side wall towards back.
More People’s Chair in back.

Mosey to bridge for Sevens
1 Squat near side, run across bridge, 6 Burpees far side. Run back.
2 Squat near side, 5 Burpees far side. Etc

Mosey to concession stand for pusharama
Merkins x 15, Box Jumps x 15
Diamonds x 15, Box Jumps x 15
Derkins x 15, Box Jumps x 15
Wide Arm x 15, Box Jumps x 15

Mosey to field
Plank Circle Chase; 8 players = Tight Turns
Bear Crawl 15 yards, 15 Merkins
Lunge Walk 15 yards, 15 Merkins
Backwards Bear Crawl 15 yards, 15 Merkins
Backwards Lunge Walk 15 yards, 15 Merkins
Out the back gate to Middle School porch

Mid-Workout midsection (all to 15 In Cadence)
Knee Ups, LBC, Bicycle, LBC, Heels to Heaven

Back to track, run lap w 15 Squats each corner
Back to concession for brief incline merkins/Step Ups x 15

Mosey towards bridge
Indian Run/Inchworm/Merkin Thingy
All Pax plank head-to-toe in line towards bridge.
Start Merkins, Last man taps next guy, runs to front, rejoins Merkins. Next guy does one more Merkin, taps next Pax, runs to front.
So on until we all get across bridge. Turned out to be somewhere around 60 Merkins per man – Nice Work!!

Lunge Walk up towards school, mosey, Lunge Walk, mosey Backwards Lunge Walk, etc to front of school.

More Mary in front to close out the hour.

We welcomed 2015 with a nice total body burn. YHC is a fan of pusharama if you didn’t notice. Final civilian count around 225 Merkins if anyone is keeping track.

Great to have Hot Tub and Calzone in the UC; Bratwurst and Dasher keep pushing the pace; saves me from having to keep up with the beast Ice9- Great efforts by all !!

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