Ringing in the New Year – Kettle Bells that is

  • When:1/5/15
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Fireman Ed, Passport, SMASH, Coal Miners Daughter (respect and WD), Freedom, Calloway (Kotters), Snakebite (Kotters), Wild Turkey, Geraldo, Tawny, Big Tuna, Pele, Strange Brew

Ringing in the New Year – Kettle Bells that is

A little bit of gear showed up at Base Camp today but before we get to that we did a little warm up.  YHC thought we’d try and do something a little different at Base Camp today, was tired of my same old same old Q ing, after staying up late to make sure all my signs were taped up to withstand the water puddles I was sure were still in the parking lot (they weren’t) I devised a way to stay in the parking lot and not venture into what was sure to be a soft, muddy and uninviting field (thought the pax had enough of that on Sat).  So off we went:

Run around the parking lot a few times and also did some

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Toe walks

Ankle walks


SSH x 15

IW x 12

Squats (low slow of course) x 5

Partner up

Partner 1 does an exercise at one of six stations while

Partner 2 runs shuttle runs to the 4th cone laid out in the parking lot (how did they get there?)

Stations: 1. Battle Rope

2. Jump Rope (a real crowd pleaser)

3. Kettle Bell rows

4. Kettle Bell Swings

5. Sand Bag Squats (if you’re wondering it was about 40 lbs)

6. Medicine Ball Wall Balls against the basket ball backboard

Round two the same but only run to the 5th cone and back (a little shorter time)

Mosey to gazebo for wall sit with arm raises x 40 and repeato (thanks Geraldo as always)

BTW x 2 (modify as needed)

Shake it out

Grass or parking lot for Mary, pax votes for parking lot and regrets the decision later:

Flutter x 15

Dolly x 15

Elbow planks the hard way x 3 (20 sec on, 10 sec off)

Sid-The-Kid IC x 5 each way (each IC is worth 4 circles)

5 boyo


YHC was expecting some modifying as needed but sure didn’t see much, pax are definitely getting stronger.  Hopefully everyone had fun with some of the gear thrown into the workout I know I sure did.  Definitely noticed a pretty strong SMASH on the jump ropes, one leg, cross overs, double unders, etc. must do some extra curricular on that at home, well done.  Saw Passport and Big Tuna doing an AYG as a race, on EVERY shuttle run, well done, that’s what its all about, pushing each other.  Fireman Ed is so strong he does need things like gloves and CMD and Freedom were just getting at it, no chatter, just work.  Kotters to Snakebite and Calloway, definitely miss you guys out there, glad to see you, Calloway was heads down on the shuttles, good pace brother.  Wild Turkey has been posting and hopefully getting less sore, but maybe not after the work on the stations today, well done brother.  Thanks for playing along pax, always an honour to lead, especially Base Camp.

Joe Davis run on Saturday, a good number of the Base Camp pax are running, the rest had excuses…

Sign up for Unbroken, the Q needs the HC by tomorrow

Great takeout by Passport as many of us head into our first full week of work for 2015

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7 years ago

Good to see CMD made his way back out into the gloom. Hope you are feeling better and look forward to getting you back out at The Matrix.

Coal Miners Daughter
7 years ago

Alf, thanks it is good to be back. This isn’t the Base camp I used to know. These guys are strong. A couple more weeks of this and I will be ready for the Matrix again.

Brew – thanks for the Q. I enjoyed the variety. I must say this is the first time my thumbs have been sore from a workout. Must be the combination of the Battle Ropes and my Aaron Rodgers-like puny arms.

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