Close out 2014 O2 deprived!

  • When:12/31/14
  • QIC: Lynchpin and Header
  • The PAX: Vanwinkle, Grape Vine, Skoal Bandit, Beaver, Striker, Want add, Barracus, Winter Place, Gummy, Baby Face, Bridges, John Deere, Gaff, Lynchpin, Header,

Close out 2014 O2 deprived!

Lynchpin and Header had the Q this morning @The Charge.  As discussin took place the night before as to what the weinke would look like – it was clear this would not be for the faint of heart… or the lungs.

Header on Q…

Mosey to the track and split into two groups – Indian run for .5 mile

Circle up for COP – SSH X 25, IW X 25, merkins X 20, MC X 20, peter parker X 20, parker peter X 20

Run .5 mile under 2:45 – plank till everyone is back – 20 merkins, 20 LBCs

Run 1/4 mile under 1:30 – plank till everyone is back – 20 Carolina Dry docks, 20 heels to heaven

Run 1/4 mile under 1:30 – plank till everyone is back – 20 merkins, 20 LBCs, 10 burpess

Lynchpin on Q…

wall sit – 40 shoulder presses – raise right leg for 30 sec and then raise left leg for 30

get w partner – balls to the wall w hip slaps while partner runs to other side of football field and back – flap jack 3 X’s

mosey to touch line and do 11’s running width of football field with burpess and russian get ups

mosey to goal line for 100 yard sprints – did somewhere around 6 of them with 10 burpees in between 

Mosey back to parking lot for COT

The chatter at the beginning of the workout quickly quieted down as sounds of gasping for air could be heard throughout the stadium.  Striker blew out like a cannon on that first .5 mile run – oh to be 16 yrs old again.  Lots of “respect” going around the COT – well done!

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Skoal Bandit
Skoal Bandit
7 years ago

Great job today, I hope to cut, copy, paste at my next q. You might want to consider the Rev. Flo-Rida in the PAX. Either way, I understand.


7 years ago

Fine morning for a Promo-style beatdown with some good men at a top-shelf AO. Nice to be able to enjoy burpees without getting poked in the eye by unmowed grass.


7 years ago

0.5 mile under 2:45? You guys need to be posting at Swift!

Reverend Flo-rida
7 years ago

I thought i was there when grapevine farted on me…

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