Christmas Comes Early at AG Middle School

  • When:12/18/2014
  • QIC: Chelms
  • The PAX: Chelms, Tryon, Barnabas, Leroy, Oscar, Rev Florida, Field of Dreams, Chicken Coop, 2 female friends, teachers, and over 70 kids from the Bull Dogs Matters after school program at AG Middle School

Christmas Comes Early at AG Middle School

Seven men of purpose #impact joined friends and teachers to celebrate an early Christmas party with the kids in the after school program at AG Middle School.   Thanks to the generosity of F3 Nation and a contribution from the F3 Foundation, we were able to provide a simple meal, a present, and a book fro each kid.  It was amazing to see the big smiles on many of the kids faces.  The joy of Christmas was seen all around on this day.

The Thang:

Eat, grab a book and a present. Enjoy time to together.

Kids before eating



Oscar and Barnabus helping the kids select a book.

Kids grabbing books

Rev Florida and a student having a chat

Rev talking with studen

JENGA is back

Boy with Jenga

Ellen, Barnabas, and Laura ready to hand out water to the kidsEllen Barnabus and Laura


Excited about the party maybe?

Big Smile

Barnabus and Oscar trying to figure out if “Moby Dick” is too hard (pun intended) for them.

Oscar and Barnabus

Leroy and FOD with some kids

Leroy and Barnabus



Special thanks to Barnabas for arranging the food, Leroy and Ellen Babb for helping with the presents, my co-worker for getting the books (for free), and Tryon for being the official photographer.  All your help made this a great event.

F3 Nation should know that the kids really appreciate our gifts and time.    Several expressed sincere thanks.   One kid when asked why he was not eating said he wanted to take it home and share.   Luckily we were able to give him some extra food to take home. It shows that these kids have love and compassion in their hearts and makes me proud of what F3 is doing at this school.


We start back on January 8th and invite men interested in our work to contact me at   With over 70 kids in the program, we can use all the help (and ideas) we can get.  There are also opportunities to tutor Monday thru Wednesday if Thursday does not work for you.



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7 years ago

Nice job guys. I wish I could have been there!

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