Charity Therapy Session

  • When:12/20/14
  • QIC: Spackler & Mermaid
  • The PAX: Radar, IH, Haze, Prohibition, Joker, Frasier, Teddy, Hairball

Charity Therapy Session

8 pax followed 2 Q’s, who have no business giving exercise instruction, into the chilly, wet gloom. Good thing we had 2 shrinks in attendance as things got deep.  Real deep.

The Degenerate’s Q

Jog the ‘track’ around the fields to the left side of the school for COP.  During 35 SSH, the PAX heard probably one of the more well thought out disclaimers known to man.

Mosey to front of school and partner up.  Partner one does called exercise while partner 2 runs around the parking lot.  FlapJack and stop when you reach the called upon #.

200 step ups

200 squats

Wall Chair

Mosey down to basketball courts for sprints but with same idea as above

100 knee ups

200 calf raises

200 Monkey Humpers

The Gentleman’s Q

Mosey up to launch lot to lose half-zip and get a drink.


Merkin x 5 IC
6 inches-10 count
Diamond x 5 IC
6 inches-10 count
Crucible Merkin x 5 IC
6 inches-10 count
5 Super Burpees (5 merkin and 5 Jump Squats)

Rock Pile

Exercises to 20 civilian cadence: Curls/Presses/Tri-extensions.  Drop rock

Mosey to track.  Complete 1 lap with stop for 15 Burpee OYO at mid-point.  Finish lap.

Merkin Set

Merkin x 10 civilian cadence: Regular/Wide/Diamond/Offset Left/Offset Right

Mosey to front of school.

Bench Set

10 Jump up/15 dip/20 Incline merkin/5 Burpee OYO.  Repeat

Short mosey to parking lot.

AYG Sprints x 10 (60 yards) with 10 seconds rest

Mosey to basketball court


Heels to Heaven x 25 IC
Merkin x 25 IC
Flutter x 25 IC
Merkin x 10 IC
10 Burpee OYO

Mosey ½ lap.  Stop for Merkin x5 IC

Mosey back to launch for COT

The Skinny

Opposites attract which is why Mermaid and YHC were asked to lead some ‘*********’ domination this morning.  Styles that are so different yet compliment each other so well.  A loud, sarcastic, refusnik a** and a true gentleman shrink.  Possibilities were endless.  As was the punishment.  Plan was easy, YHC takes the start with a focus on legs and lower body with the #Gent preparing an upper body punishment that would have been appreciated by The Boz.  Besides the realization that YHC is indeed a Clydesdale among this group of men, observations were as follows:

Teddy and Joker are fast but Frasier seems to have another level.  So sick of saying that but it is fun to watch

#TheGent claimed for awhile not to be a runner but he was up there with the leaders during his awful 100 yard sprint idea.  He also had no clue that none of us could do as many merkins as him.  In cadence, exercise…yeah yeah yeah

Haze wasn’t showing his all today which YHC unexpectedly received an answer for during the burpee run – dude has the squirts.  Says he had to leave right after for kids basketball game instead of going to coffeeteria.  Nice try #manpon

While I’d love to say YHC was refusniking the Humpers, that wasn’t the case as Happy Hands Radar caught me with a open handed slap to the teabag.  Wish I’d been a #Eunich today.

Hairball and Pro were quiet today.  Both probably hung over.  #youngbucks

Hats off to IH for putting in some strong work today and having to work out beside YHC most of the morning.  It can be tough working through all the foul language and vulgarities.  Also known as ******* and complaining.

The air was thick and moist which would have made for a wonderful carrier of scents so on behalf of all of us we thank both Radar and Joker for keeping their flatulence in check.



Joe Davis Memorial on Jan 10th – sign up

‘Unbroken’ movie outing on Jan 10th at Stonecrest- sign up now!  Otherwise PH is going to have to pay out of pocket for all the unsold tickets

Talk to Joker if you are interested in ‘serve’ opportunity working out with underprivileged kids on a soon to be announced Saturday.





























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7 years ago

Pleasure sharing the Q Spack. Great job on your end. Hilarious backblast. Nicely done.

Haze and Radar leave DZ in good hands with Prohibition and Hairball. Thanks for your leadership men.

Iron Horse
Iron Horse
7 years ago

Nice to return to Day Zero #nosandbags #noheavybag. Quite a creative Q combo. The 10 AYG sprints at 40 minutes almost ripped the hammies. The teary transfer of the shovel flag was very emotional. Clever backblast as always. Your youthful dementia adds luster to the logbook. Ready for the Return of THE LIST in 2015.

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