If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.

  • When:12/19/2014
  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Uncle Leo, Baracus, Prohibition, Double Ds, Stage Coach, Babel (FNG), Freedom, Smokey, Les Mis, Mr. Brady, Gummy (QIC)

If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.

11 men eschewed more sleep and gathered in the parking lot of Charlotte Christian. More cars than people at launch time. Did we miss the rapture? Surely not. Onward.

Mosey down to the track, halfish of a lap, and gather for warmup.
SSH, IW, Mountain Climber, Slow Squat.
Mosey to the track in front of the bleachers.

Unnamed as yet routine where we do 20 of called exercise, half lap, 15, half lap, 10, half lap, 5, half lap. Good times. Repeat through the course of the morning with Hand Release Merkins, Jump Squats, CDDs and Lunges. What it lacked in creativity, it made up for with terribleness.

Between those sets, we did some mary and some feats of strength (Indian wrestling, plank wrestling and finger jousting). Mixed reviews of that portion of the program.

Finish with a fairly swift yog back up to the parking lot. 2.5+ miles. Not bad.

Good times. Good times. I guess 6 miles on the track at Fast Twitch wasn’t enough for me. I just hate to pass up the chance to take advantage of the nice padded track. Good work by the guys this morning. I saw Prohibition at the beginning of the workout, then about midway through I thought he’d taken off. I realized that he was just always way ahead of me. The boy has gotten fast – he’s probably ready to give The Rock a try.

It’s hard to tell what happens in the dark on that track, but apparently during one of the wrestling matches, Mr. Brady took out Uncle Leo. Leo emerged from the darkness with a nice cut on his forehead. Good thing I properly disclaimed the PAX before we got started.

We were all surprised in the COT to find out that the guy who kicked our butts on the track and the wrestling was a 16 year old kid from Covenant Day. Welcome to FNG Babel (or Babble?) – apparently he speaks three languages. And he kicked our butts. The future is in good hands.

Sign up to see Unbroken on 1/10. Details on the website.
Joe Davis Run is that morning. Details on the website.

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7 years ago

Just don’t plank wrestle Runstopper. He’s got a little (a lot?) of Mississippi Leg Hound in him.

7 years ago

Thanks for the kind words, Gummy. I’d say I really started to improve when I quit going to The Rock and started posting at Day Zero. If you and Hopper need some lessons, you guys are welcome to bring your crew over to watch. Just don’t be surprised when you pax don’t follow you back…
Great workout today though. Must have been a fluke.

7 years ago

Quoting Clark Griswold in your title is a sure way to get backblast readership!

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