General – Mission ASHP

  • When:12/19/14
  • QIC: Snake Eyes
  • The PAX: Shoe, King Fish, Bama, Shaken, Hat Trick, Possum, Big Bird, Primo, Rudy, Skipper, Nessie, S’mores, Snake Eyes

General – Mission ASHP

13 warriors met at the General and got lucky to survive new grounds for mission ASHP



SSH x 20

Frank-stein Squats x 10

Break dance x 15

Imperial Strom Troopers x 15




Mosey to first parking lot


Partner up


Burpee Partner Plank Merkin

Partner 1 planks while partner 2 does 1 Burpee then jumps over partner then does 5 merkins with feet on partner

Ladder up to 5 Burpees


Mosey to the at entrance…I’ll let the Generals name it


10 CCD at bottom

Bear Crawl up

10 Squats at top

Run Down

10 CCD at bottom

Reverse Bear Crawl

Run Down

10 CCD


1 arm air presses x 10 each arm



Mosey back to the parking lot


Curb Left arm shoulder touch merkin x 5

Dips x 5

Curb air arm shoulder touch merkin x 5



Mosey to the hill


Partner up…

Partner 1 planks, Partner 2 does 5 Jump overs their legs

Run up hill

Partner 2 on back for helping hands

Run down and flip flop – 2 sets


Mosey to the rails


People’s chair

Grab some ledge, Body holds – 4 10 counts


LBC’s with Feet on bars x 15

Partner shoulder presses – 10

Reverse Merkins with bars x 10


Mosey to Baseball field


Run bases, sprint to first and then recover pace back to home plate

Sprint to 2nd then recover pace to home plate…complete all bases


To the bleachers


10 Incline merkins then crab walk to other bleacher, then do 10 decline merkins




WWII sit-ups x 15

5 Burpees

LBC’s x 15

5 Burpees

Low flutter x 15

5 Burpees

Bull dog Merkins x 10




– The mission ASHP – Arms, Shoulders, Hills & Pain was successful, the Pax got a little of each in this morning.

– The Po Po, mixed up the routine a little but we still made it to the unnamed hill. Everyone kind of starred at it for a moment; I even got a BS on the reverse bear crawl up….Nice!  Didn’t see everyone, but did see “Freakin Alabama” knock it out, awesome job!!

-I meant to ask, what’s up with no history lesson this morning….alot of chatter but no generals covered.

-S’mores made a pit stop before we hit the hills so he owes us….Glad I got the picture with the helmet out of the way at the start of the workout.  He was going to use that option if the bathroom was locked.

– Glad to see Skipper make it down for a workout, it’s been a while bro. I remember back in the days at the pool house you made those drives up every day! I’ll have to come and check out at your Q at the General.

– First time on the far baseball field, graded nice, was that Big bird that went flying by me….I see you getting strong, a solid 4 or 5 a week now!!

– We finished strong today with some burpees in mary, Hat Trick took his weigh-vest off just in time. You can thank Shaken for the last set, was going to go to another exercise but he shouted it,so gottha oblige.

– The master Q for the General going forward is going to be Kid Rock, good hand-off in Leadership, I know the rest of the clown car will support.

– Thanks to the Shoe, S’mores, and King Fish for the opportunity to lead, it is always an honor!

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