Christmas is a great time to visit old friends (the Webbs)

Christmas is a great time to visit old friends (the Webbs)

18 strong men embarked on a tour of Carmel/51 to celebrate that there are only 6 more days until Christmas

The Thang:

Fast Mosey to Wells Fargo on Hwy. 51 for COP

  • 6 Diamonds IC/10 sec. hold 6 Inches – hold it
  • 6 Merkins IC/10 sec. hold 6 inches – hold it
  • 6 Wide Arm Merkins IC/ 10 sec. hold 6 inches – hold it
  • 6 Mountain Climbers IC/ 10 sec. hold 6 inches – hold it
  • 6 Rock Hoppers IC/10 Sec. hold 6 inches – hold it
  • 6 Makhtar N’diayes IC/10 Sec. hold 6 inches – hold it

Jog to Panera shopping center. Partner up – size doesn’t matter. P-1 runs stairs X6 (two sets to choose from); P-2 rotates between 6 Flutters IC and 6 LBCs IC until partner returns. Switch.  Plankerama until everyone is done

Jog across Carmel to large parking lot behind Remax building where cinder blocks await. Partner up again. P-1 does suicides to six points (about the size of a football field); P-2, with cinder blocks, rotates between 6 curls, 6 shoulder presses, 6 tricep extensions, and 6 squats. Switch. Plank until everyone is done.

Jog across 51 to Carmel Professional Business Center parking lot and discover the perfect Derkin wall. With Runstopper leading (b/c it’s his wheelhouse) perform a modified Jack Webb (name yet to be determined). Do 1 Derkin then 6 Air presses while in a Wall Sit, Do 2 Derkins then 12 Air Presses while in a Wall Sit. Continue to 6 Derkins and 36 Air Presses while in a Wall Sit and then back down to 1.

Jog through a couple more office parks and cross over Carmel to the shopping center. Do 6 Backward runs and planking along the way. Jog behind the shopping center (through some dumpster odors) end up at the backside of Pallantyne hill. Run the hill twice and do six Quintuple merkin burpees at the bottom each time (would have done six, but ran out of time). Jog back to start.


Solid Pax this morning. It was great seeing Runstopper and Philmont back at Centurion after a long hiatus. We covered a lot of territory, but incorporated several pain stations including the perfect Derkin wall that may be visited again. Not sure what to call the Jack Webb modification with Derkins, but I’m sure someone more creative than me can think of something. I also incorporated some stray cinder blocks from a property I manage. With the construction at Catholic, I’m leaving them on the side of the Remax parking lot for future use. I heard a little bit of grumbling at the COP (about not including SSH and IWs and doing too many 6 inch plank holds, etc.), but other than that, the Pax seemed ready to bring it this morning. It was an honor to lead.


Joe Davis Run on January 10th and Brain Cancer Race at Marshal Park on March 21. Sign up for Unbroken on January 10th. Also, meet at parking lot  close to Little Ave.(near where the buses park)   next week if they start construction on the new parking deck.


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8 years ago

Great to be back at Centurion after a few Brave beatings. Always wished I could do the 2 places at same time thing. Great Q Jamboree. Well thought out and painful. Started strong with COP and kept it going to COT. Nicely done.

Ickey Shuffle
8 years ago

This morning we liked the Webbs about as much as Clark Griswold liked Todd & Margo.

Chelms aka Tatertot
8 years ago

I was complaining because you were supposed to do 6 second 6 inches to stay with the theme for the day. Otherwise, great lead as always and glad you ran out of time so as not to have to do 6 trips up Pallantyne

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