#F3Swift Preblast for #3Puppets

  • When:12/16/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: PAX that can run hard for 2minutes at a time...

#F3Swift Preblast for #3Puppets

On Tuesday 12/16, the PAX will leave the Vine restaurant at 0515 to build on the work done last week (link here).  Perhaps not many PAX caught this at the end of last week’s Preblast, “this week is necessary for next week’s #3Puppets workout.”  However, any PAX can show up and get an honest workout this week.  All speeds / paces will be represented.

So, we’re again at that point of last week’s goal to, “to finish the 800m at your workout pace.”  We’ll be doing it many times this week with some modifications gleaned from the video above.

1st – watch the short video above and linked here

2nd – Find your Repetition pace for the workout here (Hint – it’s also the pace of your best recent AYG 1 mile race). Note: if you don’t have a recent 1mi AYG, use a recent race result, not your “goal” race result for an upcoming 5K or 10K.

3rd – There will be regrouping on most recoveries, so it’s not necessary to program the following workout into your watch.  We’ll be doing this at the Bull Ring, which has very easy to follow markers every 200m.  If you do program into your watch, just program the parts in bold.  Leave the recovery as “until Lap Button Press” (i.e. open ended).

  • #1Puppet – 200m at Repetition pace, 200m jog recovery
  • #2Puppet – 200m at Repetition pace, 400m group jog recovery
  • #3Puppet (TBQ) – 2:00 at Repetition pace (or optional 800m for those that want it), 3:00 group jog recovery
  • Repeat until 4 sets or time is called.


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8 years ago

thanks for posting this video…..concise, easy to understand and implement…..have a great workout!

8 years ago

ended up watching some of the other ones on breathing and such.

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