We lift things up and put them down

  • When:12/13/14
  • QIC: Hairball, Prohibition
  • The PAX: Dear Abby (WB), Hairball (QIC), Teddy, Bug Eater, Iron Horse (WD), Sweetness, The Mouth, Prohibition (QIC)

We lift things up and put them down

8 of the baddest dudes south of the mason dixon showed up despite the cold to put in some work.

Hairball Q:

Warmup loop around the track. Circle up on the basketball court.
SSH x25 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Low slow squats x20 IC

Mosey around back side of the school and grab some bench. Half the pax did step ups whilst the other half lunge walked to The street and back for a flapjack.

Mosey to hill down to YR parking lot. A total of 4 trips up the hill:

#1: Jameis Winstons (some call it a crab walk) facing forward up the hill. At the top: single leg merkins x5 ea leg. Bear crawl back down. At the bottom: single leg squats x10 ea leg.

#2: Winstons up, bear crawls down. Top: return of the Molotov merkins (explosive merkin with all 4 points of contact clearing the ground) x10. Bottom: monkey humps x30.

#3: partner up. P1 backward wheelbarrow halfway up, flapjack. Coming down forward wheelbarrow switching midway down. 20 merkins at top, 20 squats at bottom.

#4: repeat partner wheelbarrows facing opposite direction as trip #3. LBCs x30 at top, lunges x10 each leg at bottom.

Plankorama for some mission impossible. Mosey back to campus.

Prohibition Q:

Stay in partners and each grab a manly rock stone.  3 rounds of exercises with stones.  P1 starts exercise with stone whilst P2 runs to 2nd trash can (approx 50 yds) and back while carrying stone.

  • Round 1: 200 total curls
  • Round 2: 150 total overhead presses
  • Round 3: 100 total tricep extensions

Partner work continues:

  • Round 1: 20 partner stone situps (each have stone, tap together at top of situp), 20 partner handslap merkins
  • Round 2: 15 partner stone situps, 15 partner handslap merkins
  • Round 3: 10 of each
  • Round 4: 5 of each

Find some wall for People’s Chair:

  • Round 1: get comfy, drop butts down an inch, arms out. Each PAX takes turn counting down from 10
  • Shake out the legs w/ 30 extended calf raises
  • Round 2: get comfy, drop butts down an inch, arms out, raise heels off the ground.  Each PAX takes turn counting down from 5


  • 30 Flutters, hold.
  • 30 Dollies


Great job out there today by 8 very manly men.  YHC was concerned that our headcount would be a little low since several of our usuals were avoiding the expected beatdown and opted to go for a 26.2 mile run on Kiawah Island instead.  It was great having Iron Horse, Bug Eater, The Mouth, and Sweetness join us today.  Come back every Saturday.

Hairball and YHC wanted to give everyone a preview of what is to come in 2015 at Day Zero: pure pain.  I think the message was received.  The Mouth lived up to his name and did not stop talking about how heavy his stone was and saying he wished he had gone to The Rock for an easier workout.  After the 3rd round of partner stone situps/hand slap merkins, an unnamed PAX may or may not have spilled some merlot.  He claims he saw something behind the trashcan and needed to investigate, but YHC is pretty sure I heard a splash of some sort.  Dear Abby beasted it when he picked up a small asteroid for the stone work.  Don’t break the typewriter when you put out your next article.

The term “rock” is no longer accepted at Day Zero.  Rocks are pathetic. Stones are for men.

Thanks to Iron Horse for the great take out.  Our prayers are with our brothers running the marathon today.  Good luck, men.


– January 10th: “Unbroken” F3 movie night at Regal Stonecrest.  Only 113 seats available. Sign up now and HERE. More details in the preblast: http://f3nation.com/2014/12/12/a51-2nd-f-event-unbroken-on-jan-10-sign-up-now/

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