Mr. Q – I think you missed a count

  • When:12/12/2014
  • QIC: Chelms aka Tater Tot
  • The PAX: Chelms, Checkpoint (WD), Maverick (WB - CP 2.0), Scabby, Dear Abbey, Margo, Leroy, Jamboree, About Time

Mr. Q – I think you missed a count

Nine men, undeterred by the hour or the temperature, gathered at CCHS for the weekly weekend down painment at Centurion

The Thang:

Jog to small lot for COP

  • SSH X10 – 10 burpees OYO
  • Merkins X9 – 9 burpees OYO
  • Squats X7 – 7 burpees OYO
  • Jumping lunges X8 – 8 burpees OYO (PAX can thank Jamboree for catching my poor math skills/forgetfulness)
  • Flutter X15 – 6 burpees OYO

Job to aquatic center for bear crawl triple nickel – bear crawl up, 5 burpees, run back down, 5 jump squats, repeat 4 more times (with crab walk on last set)

Jog to entrance to football field for 3 man team event – jump rope, rock work, and jogging.

Man 1 stays at start and jumps rope while man 2 and 3 jog to other end zone (behind construction zone – parking deck construction starts after school breaks for holiday) where man 2 does rock curls, OH presses, and tricep extension, while man 3 completes run around stadium.   Continue to circuit until everyone has done two trips.

Jog over to parking lot and line up for the Beast (6-6-6 except we ran out of time and finished at 5th round).   Six stops with six single count of called exercise.

  • Round 1 – merkins
  • Round 2 – squats
  • Round 3 – jumping lunges
  • Round 4 – LBC
  • Round 5 – burpees (of course, and they sucked.  Champagne would have lost his voice complaining about form on this round #churpees)

Two minutes of mary with dolly and heels to heaven before clock ran out.

Naked moleskin:

Small PAX that pretty much stayed together (meaning everyone hit it hard and no SIX).   A few Larry Birds during the Beast (Jamboree one round, CP one round, Dear Abbey one round, Maverick and About Time 1 or 2 rounds but they don’t really count given how young they are – may not even know who Larry BIrd is).  Scabby, Margo, and Jamboree all ran in for some pre-work warmup of 1-2 miles but no KB this am – a tad chilly I guess.  Leroy was stronger than I thought given a few week break from F3 but his early am work with a neighbor (still working that EH for 2 years now) must be paying off.  Dear Abbey can bear crawl with the best of them.

95 burpees total – ouch

Check Point needs to give a class on how to get a teenager up at 5am to workout and I’ll sit in the 1st row.  #strong.

The PAX was hoping I wouldn’t catch my math errror early but Jamboree never takes a short cut – we circled back and did the 8 OYO burpees that I originally missed.  Even if we had not corrected the math I think everyone got their money’s worth (oh wait – F3 is free).

As always it was an honor to lead this am.


Joe Davis on January 10th and Brain Cancer race at Marshal Park on March 21.  Sign up for JD via link on F3 home page and link to for BC race is under “Forums – Events and Races” on the web site.

Signed up Scabby to Q 12/26 and Dear Abbey for 1/2.   Here is link to schedule if anyone interested –


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7 years ago

Great lead this morning, Chelms. Concluding with “The Beast” earned you some “That was terrible!” comments, which I’m sure you took as a compliment. I’d like to think I made it to 95 burpees, but I think I missed a couple along the way. I concur with the “How to Raise a Teenager Seminar” from Checkpoint. Maverick is also a Morehead Scholar Semifinalist and considering the US Naval Academy in hopes of becoming a Navy Seal. He topped it off by answering my questions with “Yes Sir”.
I’m glad Scabby and Dear Abby are stepping up over the holidays – new blood always energizes the pax. I’m up next week so it should be pretty easy.

7 years ago

Why hasn’t there been Checkpoint/Maverick Father Son Q?

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