Krispy Kevlar

  • When:12/12/2014
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong, Pudding Pop, Harley, Crabcake, Horsehead, ZipADee, Spackler, Kimpossible, Busch, Good Hands, Flutie Flakes, Fletch, Bananas, Cottontail, Geraldo, Turkey Leg, Brown, Hairball, Probation

Krispy Kevlar

20 pax heeded the Kevlar call on this frosty morning.

Mosey to parking lot
SSH x 20
IW x 15
Half group runs laps others do merkins and flap jack
Repeato with lunges, dry docks, burpees
Mosey back to lot
Circuit of pain
Jack Webbs with heels to heaven

The morning began with a half hearted effort of KB swinging at 0500 by Busch, Horsehead, Cottontail, and YHC amidst setting up for the real deal. An early spillage placing the tractor tire in place left a treacherous layer of ice on the parking lot and also on Buschs foot. Spackler showed up with case in hand ready for an early jump on the weekend’s festivities. Good to see ZipADee back along with Donkey Kong who had to take it easy on the deep squats due to recent norovirus. Only a couple of lads had the gumption to go pantless so it was all about getting warm quickly. After a few of the old chestnuts it was right into it with quick laps and exercise combos. Some were moving fast like Horsehead and Hairball whereas Brown was all about bringing up the rear. The circle of pain encompassed a lot of KB’s and a few tires and some quality tunes. The timer kept having to be adjusted with it initially being a sprint to touch the rock and finally ended up being a stroll across the grass to touch the flagpole. Kimpossible was moving like he had stolen something sprinting with his hoodie up which was good for the pax on the exercises. The Zac Brown/Naughty By Nature Pandora station kept everyone guessing what was coming out of the Beats Pill. There was no guessing what was coming out of the rear ends during the final round of Jack Webbs although Spackler had some ideas of his own!
Have a great weekend! BD

Announcements: 3rd F – Aftermath new book starts Wednesday – David and Goliath, Compass on Fridays is going through Family Shepherd. Look out for 2nd F movie night out early in the New Year.

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7 years ago

“We are going to do Jack Webb’s until somebody cleans up their language”

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