Who Put Those Cones There?

  • When:12/11/14
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Baby Face, Dumpster Fire, Callaway, Young Love, Simba, Insomniac, Whitesnake, Tawney, Joker, Freedom, Drop Thrill, Pele, Slim Fast

Who Put Those Cones There?

14 PAX jetisoned their warm fartsacks to enjoy the Peak 51 Gauntlet!  There was some debate as to whether a cone “fairy” or cone “elf” pre-visited Peak 51 to layout 8 pain stations over a 3/4 mile loop.  All YHC knows is they were Union workers and they sent me a bill for services plus overtime!  I forwarded the invoice to Tiger Rag and the corporate office…

Warm-up was done as we visited the cones left by the cone fairy/elves as described above.  Warm-up included SSHx20, IWx15, Squatsx15, Mountain Climber x 10, CDD’s x 10, Merkins x 10, Step-Ups x 10/leg, and then SSH x15.

8 stations were spread across Matthews Elementary School property:
1.  Merkins x 10
2.  Jump Lunges x 10
3.  LBC x 20
4.  Wide Arm Merkin x 10
5.  CDD’s x 10
6.  Decline Merkins x 10
7.  Step-Ups x 10/leg
8.  Jump Squats x 10

Go at your own pace station to station until time is called.  Everyone finised 3-3.5 circuits.

Finished with Flutter x 15, Dolly’s x 15, Protractor (as audible Q’d by Joker)


YHC shamelessly stole this idea from Fireman Ed… but I got his permission ahead of time and paid the copyright fee.  Most of you know by now how much I hate being cold… and this morning was COLD!!!  But the format allowed us to be moving pretty much the entire morning.  Most PAX ran between 2.5 and 2.75 miles based on the loop.  That is strong, and is a little more mileage than we normally run…. so great job to everyone who pushed hard this morning!

T-Claps to Geraldo and Simba who doubled-down with YHC for a Pre-Peak 5K.  This was Simba’s first pre-run and he finished strong!  Geraldo and SImba logged close to 5.6-5.8 miles!   Anyone is welcome to join the pre-run, and no one is left behind… consider joining us one Thursday in the future!

Great to have Baby Face out for his FNG to Peak 51, and there was a Young Love sighting… great to have you join us!

All of the PAX did great… it is always an honor to be able to lead such fine men!

Special prayer request for Drop Thrill.  His Mom passed away last night after battling several health issues for several years.  I know there is relief that she isn’t suffering anymore, but it is still a loss!  Our prayers are with you, Brother!!

And then Pele let us know that his wife’s treatments have gone great and that they are getting ready for some final treatments of radiation.  We’ll continue to pray for her healing.

Disclaimer… Slim Fast’s personal view:  God is good… I don’t always know His ways, but I believe He is in control.  We had a chance to draw close to Him and each other in prayer to close us out this morning…. it makes for a great way to start the day!!

1.  Joe Davis Run 1/10…. get signed up.
2.  Watch for convergences in the next couple of weeks over the holidays.

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Drop Thrill
8 years ago

Geraldo asked why I was there yesterday, and while I don’t know what I said what I meant was F3 was the best place for me to be yesterday morning.

Mom was a retired nurse and was always concerned about my health and was happy I had finally lost a lot of weight. I honored her by being there for her and I both. There was nothing else I could do until later in the day anyway.

Thanks SF and Geraldo for hanging back with me. My shoulder wasn’t happy with merkins after a bit and it started hurting to run. That’s what F3 is all about. Being there for each other, whether in big things of life, or just in a round of Mary.

Thanks for your prayers.

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