15 + 3 = 15

  • When:12/08/14
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Header, Hopper, Big Tuna, Insomniac, Smash, Callaway, Bluto (FNG Justin P), Morningstar, Big Top, Pele, Blue Cheese (Kotters), Spinner, Stone Cold, Udder, Hops

15 + 3 = 15

The VSF was planted and 15 pax dined on another painful Monday morning breakfast at Base Camp.  Udder had an actual SF in his back seat along with his 4 ruck sacks, 47 frisbees & who knows what else; but he failed/forgot to plant the SF.   Nevertheless……

The Thang:

2 laps around the parking lot as we waited on 2 rucksters to join us.  Alas, only 1 did.  More on that in the Moleskine.

COP included the following:

SSH x 20 IC

Nippler x 10L & x10R IC

IW x 20 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Crab cake x 5R & x5L IC (see Exercises under “What is F3?” on the website for explanation)

Jog to track for the following:

Partner up for 2 laps of Catch-Me-If-You-Can

Lap 1) Partner 1 does 5 H-R Merkins, then chase ensues, flapjack, etc.

Lap 2) Partner 1 does 5 LBCs, chase, flapjack, etc.

Lunge walk up hill from track then jog to area in center of ballfields for the following:


1)15 Suppine Pull-ups, 15 Dips, 15 Freddie Mercury’s

2) 10 Suppine Pull-ups, 10 Dips, 10 Freddie Mercury’s

3) Same as 1st Circuit

Bearcrawl 40 yards, Lunge walk 40 yards

Bunnyhop up the stairs to the pavilion

People’s Chair w/10 Overhead presses IC; then with Frankenstein for 30 seconds

Donkey Kick x 13 OYO – 3 rounds

Mosey to launch lot

Run to 1st basketball hoop – 5 H-R Merkins, on to 2nd hoop, 3rd & 4th w/5 H-R merkins at each

Repeat the above but with backwards run in between hoops back to start point

Circle up for 6MoM:

Russian Twist x 10 IC

Makthar Ndijaye x 10 IC

Flutter x 10 IC



Ye Olde Moleskine:

Enjoyed leading the pax at BaseCamp this morning.  Thanks to Fireman Ed for allowing me to Q.

Welcome to FNG Justin P – “Bluto” – EH’d by Big Top…even though Bluto works with Stone Cold, Frostbite, Blue Cheese and others.  Sometimes you need someone other than your co-workers to talk you into forsaking the fartsack.  Look forward to seeing you post again soon Bluto.

So this morning as the pax was mustering, Udder & Geraldo finished a 4-ish mile ruck after wandering through Raintree.  Udder stayed for the additional downPainment.  Geraldo, disappointly, did not.  That hurts brother.  That hurts.  Also – got a fly by (sort of a slow mosey by) from MallCop and Wolfman.  Should have joined us for 6 MoM fellas a la Lex Luthor at The Rock on Saturday.  So what could have been a pax of 18 remained at 15….subtraction by addition?  what?  something like that….

Some good work being put in at Base Camp today.  At one of the darkest AOs in Area51, even with headlamps, it was hard to tell who was out front but everyone was giving good effort.  Tried a new exercise in COP – Crab Cakes (No.  Not named after Area51’s Crab Cake nor The Fort’s Crab Cakes).  I liked it though my M was visibly disturbed as I tried it out in the family room last night.

Speaking of M’s – great to see the pax’s better 3/4’s (or 4/5’s in the case of most of you jokers) at the Christmas Party Saturday night.  And T-claps to Prohibition for a great event.

Thanks also to Stone Cold for taking us out with prayer this morning before we all climbed back into our 4-wheel sleighs.

See you soon in the gloom at an AO near you….or near me, actually.


Sign-up for Joe Davis 5k and/or 10k – you won’t regret it…and that’s a Rock Thrill guarantee…and rumor has it he might even throw in one of his nasty used headbands for those that doubledown.  Wait a minute…that’s disincentive.




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Big Top
Big Top
8 years ago

Fun this morning Hops, thanks for leading. Check it, Bluto already EH’ng in an email directed at another co-worker in that field apparently ripe for harvesting:
“Howlin – its a breeze. I did so well they are making me a Q. Enjoyed it. I am debating between Anvil on Wed or Old Providence (Hydra) on Thursday.”

If you see Bluto out there Anvil/Hydra Q’s, make sure you work in something that’ll help get rid of some of that post-first F3 workout soreness.

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