Say “Hello” to my friend Jack Webb……

  • When:12/06/14
  • QIC: Snowflake
  • The PAX: Hot Pants, Intimidator, Snowflake

Say “Hello” to my friend Jack Webb……

3 committed warriors met at the home of the Weddington Warriors for a downPainment on their weekend.

The Thang
COP (actually Triangle of Pain) In Cadence
SSH x 33
Squat x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Merkin x 10

Mosey around to corner of school
People’s Chair – 30 seconds Regular, 15 sec Left leg high, 30 seconds Regular, 15 seconds Right leg high.

run around to far side of bridge
THE Jack Webb: 1 Merkin, 4 Air Presses; 2 Merkins, 8 Air Presses. Sounds simple, right?
By the time we got to 10 Merkins and 40 Air Presses, everyone had their money’s worth.

Mosey to Concession Stand
Hot Foot x 20 (think of a one-legged Box Jump, alternating, at double time)

Mosey to Stadium
Run stairs OYO for 5 minutes

Head under the bleachers for supine pull-ups x 15

Mosey around to Middle School flags (home of the Ice9 icy box jumps)
Grab a pillar for People’s Chair (random single leg pain)

Box Jumps x 20

Run around rest of football field back to concession stand
Derkins x 10
mosey to bridge, Lunge Walk across bridge
head to the top of back steps for Strolling Derkins (one Derkin on each step, move down, Derkin, repeat)

At back of HS building, People’s Chair (with more single leg time)

Lunge Walk across back of building, run to Rock Pile
Pick a rock, settle in. In Cadence
Curls x 10, Triceps x 10, Curls x 10, Triceps x 10


Found out that Intimidator is a beast at the Lunge Walk. He was out in front every time.
T-Claps to Hot Pants and Intimidator for showing true F3 colors and posting in the gloom. Trust me, it will get much gloomier; colder, wetter, harder to break the the grip of the fartsack. Great job getting out, and keep coming back!


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