Shaking off the food coma

  • When:12/01/14
  • QIC: Voodoo
  • The PAX: Agony, Rashard, Baracus, Cantor (I think), Big Willy, Nash, Hannibal, Silent Bob, High Tide, Dick Clark, Benefactor, Flutie Flakes, Kirk, Gangsta Mouse, Simba, Egypt, One Eye, Hamlet, Kit Kat, Bout Time, Catfish, Steinbrenner, Film Festival, Hopper, Hairball, Gummy, Bridges, Kimpossible, Love Bug, Bushwood, Voodoo (Q)

Shaking off the food coma

31 of F3’s finest met at Carmel Road Neighborhood Park for a post-Thanksgiving beatdown. It went something like this:

The Thang:

Disclaimer – YHC forgot (oops). Thankfully, it was a veteran crew, so none was needed

Jog to Carmel Middle School, stopping at each speed bump for:

Speed bump #1: 10x burpees OYO

Speed bump #2: 10x double burpees OYO

Speed bump #3: 10x triple burpees OYO

Stop at bus parking lot for COP:

SSH, Mountain climbers, IW, Peter parkers, squats

Jog to track at football field for the Dirty MacDeuce (12 reps of 12 exercises, broken into 4 blocks of 3 exercises with a lap around the track in between each block)

Block 1: Wide arm merkins; Dolly; Squats, all exercises OYO

1 lap around track

Block 2: CDD; LBC; Rock Hoppers, all exercises IC

1 lap around track

Block 3: Diamond merkins; Freddie Mercury; Parker peters, all exercises IC

1 lap around track

Block 4: Merkins; Rosalita; Burpees, all exercises IC except burpees

1 lap around track

Partner up at the 50 yard line, size matters. P1 carries P2 to the sideline and back. Flapjack at mid-field and P2 carries P1 to the opposite sideline and back.

Mosey to front of the school for:

People’s chair (1 min.) with air presses x 25 IC

BTTW                                                                                                                                     People’s chair (1 min.) with air presses x 15 IC

Mosey back to the parking lot, stopping at speed bump #2 for 10x jump squats and 10x walking lunges per leg OYO

At the lot:

Plankorama – RAH, RLH, RLD and drop hip x5, LAH, LLH, LLD and drop hip x5, 6” for an Agony-led 10 count


Heels to heaven


COT – Thanks to Gummy for the take-out

Naked Moleskine:

DMZ always attracts an eclectic crew from the borderlands between Metro and Area 51 and this morning was no different. Thanks to the PAX for coming out on the Monday after a long holiday weekend. This was definitely the largest group YHC has ever had the honor of leading.

There was a fair amount of mumblechatter out in the gloom this morning, but the PAX were very supportive of YHC’s frequent weinke consultations during the Dirty MacDeuce. Thanks to Hairball for straightening out my confusion over Peter Parkers vs. Parker Peters. #Don’tDoThoseTooOften Judging by all of the Larry Birds out there this morning, I’m not sure anyone other than the Q was smoked, but thanks for keeping me company anyway.


1) Joe Davis Run (1/10/15) – Sign up now to benefit a great cause in memory of Rock Thrill’s brother. F3 Nation is going for a big turnout, so wear your F3 gear. There may also be some sort of competition between regions, but I’m too slow to participate so I’m staying out of it. Details:

2) F3 Holiday Parties are coming up – Metro on 12/5 and Area 51 on 12/6. Details:

3) F3 Clothes Drive – Following up on the success of Sole Redemption last month, F3 is collecting clothes for Charlotte Rescue Mission. Details:

4) 2 year anniversary of the Governator on Wednesday, 12/3

5) 1 year anniversary of Casbah on Friday, 12/5


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