When the temperature goes down, the reps go up.

  • When:11/22/2014
  • QIC: Snowflake
  • The PAX: Ice9, Hot Pants, Intimidator, Snowflake

When the temperature goes down, the reps go up.

4 hearty and weather-proof men made the long steep climb out of the fartsack this morning, and were rewarded with a downpainment worthy of their Commitment.

The Thang
SSH x 25
Squat x 25
Merkin x 10

Mosey around to the Rock Quarry, find a friend (civilian counts)
Rock Squat x 20
Tricep Extension x 20
Bicep Curl x 20
Overhead Press x 20
Same cycle, count 15
Same cycle, count 10
Count 5, then back up by 5’s to 20.

Mosey around back of school, grab some wall
People’s Chair for 90 seconds, with alternate Left and Right leg up thrown in.

Cross bridge to Concession Stand
Today’s Special is 20 Box Jumps, 20 Derkins.
Buy one round, get second round free – (also known as Rinse & Repeat)

Run back across bridge, 60 seconds of Merkins. All you can do.
Cross bridge, 60 seconds of Burpees.
Cross bridge, 60 seconds of squats.
Cross bridge, 60 seconds of LBCs.

Cross bridge, head to football field.
Tunnel of Love- Line up shoulder to shoulder; Each man planks with high hips, one man crawls thru and resumes position at other end. Each man takes turns until Pax make it across field.
On track, run to far end for Heels to Heaven x 15.
Run back to start, Rosalita x 15.

Back outside stadium to side field hill for 11’s.
1 Squat at bottom, 10 Merkins at top.
Two Squats at bottom, Nine Merkins at top. Continue to 10 Squats, 1 Merkin.

Run across bridge (something different) to back steps of school.
Bunny Hop up steps, run around to back wall.
People’s Chair for 60 seconds.

Mosey back to bus lot for Mary
LBCs x 33
Bicycle x 25
Flutter x 25
Dolly x 25

Great to have Hot Pants and Intimidator out on this frosty morning. A reminder to all that we post rain or shine, in the dark, in the cold, in the gloom.
If the good Lord gives us a day, we will embrace it with a morning workout.

Rockorama got a little spun up, while YHC tried to teach a Philosophy major how to count.
He may need to retake the course –
11’s seemed to run on as site Q’s where running their mouths as much as running the hill.
Tunnel of Love was planned for a larger crowd, but the good news was we didn’t have to crawl as far.

Tell your friends about F3 Commitment, and help your new Area of Operation grow!


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8 years ago

Nice Q as usual by Snowflake, even with some mischievous counting by a philosophy major. Intimidator and Hot Pants appear to be hooked, with Hot Pants imminently adding a third workout day. We are cruising.

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