Back Blast – Joust – Fun Friday

  • When:11/21/14
  • QIC: Header
  • The PAX: Gummy, Barracus, Double Ds, John Deere, Freedom, Sweat Shop, Mr. Brady, Stone Cold, Strange Brew, Uncle Leo, Lobster Roll, Bush, Sanka, Smokey, Hairball, Header, FNG - Drago

Back Blast – Joust – Fun Friday

17 faithful men showed up for a Fun Friday – many with shoes in hand!


5 burpees, 15 SSH, 5 burpees, 15 IW, 5 burpees, 15 mountain climbers, 5 burpees

The thang…

mosey down to track and began the tour of the campus…

Began with 10 LBCs, ran on track to bottom of grandma mtn, 10 heals to heaven, ran up grandma mtn to playground, 10 hanging knee ups, ran to top of stadium bleachers and did 10 dips, ran down stadium steps and did 10 step ups, ran around track back to where we started.

Split up into 2 groups – Mustangs and Clydesdales – rinse and repeat tour of campus two more times. Staying as a group but pushing each other hard.

Mosey back to football field where we Split into 4 groups and did three sets of an ab exercises while one guy from each group ran 50 yards and then we rotated. Ab work… Mason twists, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, plank jack, rock hoppers, heals to heaven

Mosey to other end of football stadium where we had a little fun Friday. Split into two groups. Each kick 30yrd field goals at same time. Winner did 5 Merkins, loser did 5 burppees- all kicked, many failed…

Ran 100 yrs and up Grandma mtn.  10 hanging knee ups, 20 LBCs, 20, plank jacks, ran back down and mosey back to parking lot

Great work by everyone!  Bush nailed his field goals – made you think he should replace Graham Gano. Loved the tour of the stadium – iron sharpens iron and you guys were killing it!  Thanks to everyone who brought shoes. My unofficial talley from Joust is 101 total. Unreal!  Thanks guys  Charlotte Rescue Mission is the winner and Tiger Rag was the ummm… Loser!

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