The lost and the found

  • When:11/06/2014
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Wolfman, Haggis, Frasier, Turkey Leg, Prohibition, The Mouth, Long Haul, Stump Hugger, Outback, Skywalker, Tootie, Marvel, and Honey Bee

The lost and the found

9 men….wait 10 men, nope here comes Haggis…. 11 men launched for this week’s DT Hill route at approximately 5:17:57 am.  By the time the apartment loop was done, we were 12 (after Marvel came in on two wheels at the end of the loop).

By COT, we were again 11 men (after picking up two other PAX who did their own route to the school and back).  A quick math colloquium revealed we had lost Tootie, Skywalker, and Marvel who were later found long after COT getting in some extra (although unplanned miles).

So let’s call it 14 PAX at one point or another at Devil’s Turn today.

Here’s what went down:

1) Most PAX – Ran 1 mile warmup loop around apartments, accelerated to some sort of difficult pace and tried to hold on for the rest of the workout through Piper Glen and back (between 4 and 7.5 miles total distance). That’s pretty much all it was (doesn’t sound like much but it hurts).

2) As said, 2 PAX (Mall Cop and Wolfman) forged their own path and headed out to the school and back.  It was a PR day as they also took a spin around the track while there.  Nice job Wolfman on the PR for distance at DT!

3) The 3 lost ones (Tootie, Skywalker, and Marvel) toured pretty much all of Piper Glen after missing the turn onto Links to come back. This added a good mile and a half and made them late for COT.  They really only missed seeing the clubhouse. Next time perhaps?  The search party was commissioned and found them already back on Rea headed in.  Reports are that this was Skywalker’s longest run in 5 years.  Nice work brother!  Perhaps you should let Tootie trick you more often.  #inadvertentPR

Shout Outs:

– Frasier is an absolute beast and ran YHC into the ground while still carrying on a (mostly one sided) conversation. #onewordanswersonly

– Haggis put his blinders on and avoided the urge to race through the hills (a serious feat).  He has to store up energy for next week’s Thunder Road where he will be running from his house (Ballantyne) to the starting line (Uptown) and doing burpees and rosalita to stay warm before the race start.  At least that is the legend.  It’s probably true.

– Prohibition, The Mouth, and Stump Hugger will also be competing in Thunder Road.  It will be SH’s first half after only 8 months of F3.  Congrats brother, that takes dedication!  We wish all of you good luck in your taper and best of luck in the race.

– Turkey Leg, Long Haul, and Outback dominated the hills today and get extra points for not getting lost.  The hills are no joke and YHC promises they will pay off somehow.


– December 6 Holiday Party – Watch for email and signup in next day or so

– Area51 cold weather gear – Watch for email with details of long sleeve shirts coming in the next days

– Sons of Ballantyne shirts also available on the Mudgear website for preorder – long and short sleeves available.

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