Frehley may even tweet about it.

  • When:11/01/2014
  • QIC: Market Timer
  • The PAX: Frehley's Comet, Mother Hubbard, Haggis, Tiger Rag, Soft Pretzel, Outback, Market Timer

Frehley may even tweet about it.

The superfecta of a Friday night Halloween, candy overdose, cold temps, and rain was enough to keep most inside and YHC posted mainly due to his Q responsibilities.  There is a parking deck around here somewhere, but we are already wet so lets get the show on the road.

Mosey to Pei Wei (as Tiger Rag drives the wrong way around the traffic circle to catch the pax at 6:01)
SSH x 25
2 burpees
Imperial Walker x 20
4 burpees
Peter Parker merkins x 20
6 burpees
Mountain Climbers x 20
8 burpees

Head towards Premier Parking Deck
Bear Crawl to Ballantyne Resort lot, mosey, lunge walk to corner
(Frehley upset about low attendance in moderately bad weather)

At The Lodge hill;
6s with squats at the top, merkins at the bottom
(shouts from various pax to get to parking deck)

Hit the Deck:
Group 1 – sprint up the parking deck, 10 jump squats, sprint back
Group 2 – nonstop donkey kicks on wall

Peoples Chair with shoulder press x 40

10 merkins, sprint up deck, LBCs x 20
jog around corner to next ramp
5 burpees, sprint up level 2, flutter x 20
jog around corner to next ramp
15 merkins, sprint up level 3, Dolly x 20
jog around corner to next ramp
10 burpees, sprint up to rooftop….shouts & threats from
various pax about rain.
After brief debate and support from Haggis, Russian Twists x 20

Back down to level 1:
10 merkins, broad jumps to wall, 10 merkins, broad jumps back (or kangaroo hops)
10 plank in & outs, bear crawl to wall, 10 Plank in & outs, bear crawl back
10 squats, lunge walk to wall, 10 squats, lunge walk back

Repeato on various parking deck drills with Pax choice
20 Mountain climbers, backwards sprint up deck, Haggis chooses AMRAP merkins
(haggis does 41, Frehley does an amount less than Haggis)
10 merkins, backwards sprint up level 2, TR chooses 1-legges Dolly x 20 (each side)
10 burpees, backwards sprint up to level 3, Outback chooses Peoples Chair with
30 second hold with leg up (each side)
10 plank in & outs, sprint to roof, Mother Hubbard calls for 10 merkins

Mosey back to home
COT, name-o-rama, coffeteria ASAP

The temp, wind and rain certainly made for a less than desirable morning but Frehley
was not happy about the attendance.  Various “we have worked out in weather worse than this”
and sordid tales from last winter’s cold mornings could be heard.  He even considered the crime
tweet-worthy, but alas didn’t bring his phone to coffeeteria.  Consider your self warned, FC is expecting your active participation.

It was nice to get a break in the parking deck, but YHC thought we are already wet and cold, so
no hurry to get there.  Various shouts and disagreement here, but we did spend about 75% of the
morning under cover.

Get your shoes in this week to your site Shoe Q.
Joe Davis Memorial Run sign-up is live, see website







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9 years ago

Sorry I missed. The lure of the sack was strong.

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