Grind it out – Aye, Aye Captain Kirk

  • When:10/29/2014
  • QIC: Dick Clark / Hamlet
  • The PAX: Bullwinkle, Blue Rhino, 50 Shades, Bridges, Tesla, Bono, Horsehead, DD, John Deere, Dick Clark (QIC), Hamlet (QIC)

Grind it out – Aye, Aye Captain Kirk

Here’s what we did:

Mosey to COT near soccer field

SSH x 25 I/C

Grinders in teams of three: With rock one end/other end no rock

  1. Overhead press/LBCs
  2. Squat/Mountain Climber
  3. Chest Press/IW
  4. Tricep/Freddy Mercury

Plank to get PAX together while returning rocks.  Hand over Q to Hamlet.

Run to track for Kirk x3

  1. CDD x7
  2. Burpies x14
  3. Merkins x21
  4. Squats x28
  5. LBC x35
  6. Run one lap

Strong showing by the PAX, and thanks to DDs for the opportunity to lead.

Announcements: 1) Shoe drive; 2) One-year Charge convergence next Wednesday, November 5th.

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