DK’s form policing leads to a lot of running

  • When:10/25/14
  • QIC: Far Side
  • The PAX: Abacus, Picasso, Biscuit, Beaver, Keuchley, Donkey Kong, Croissant

DK’s form policing leads to a lot of running

8 Pax gathered for a morning of perfect weather and slightly more running than was originally planned.  After Donkey Kong’s suggestion that YHC was not “hurting” like everyone else the running began.

The Thang:

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Merkin x 10

10 berpies

Mountain Climber x 20

LBC x 25

Mosey to Playground

30 squats 20 merkins 10 pullups

35 squats 25 merkins 15 pullups

40 squats 30 merkins 20 pullups

800 meter run

peoples chair x 2

10 berpies

trail run

10 berpies

mosey to track

ran as a group around the track, circled up at each corner and took turns calling out the next exercise in cadence.

10 berpeies COT

10 more berpies made it 50!

as of 8am this morning this post if officially 4 days old – I finally caught my breath from all the running., sorry.  DK definitely ramped things up calling out YHC.  Biscuit quietly motored through the workout effortlessly (at least it looked that way).  Hats off to Beaver our War Daddy. Picasso and Cbroissant have certainly stepped up their game, I see some Q’ing in their future!  Good job men.


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