Circle up, move, circel up, move

  • QIC: Crabcake
  • The PAX: heartbreaker, hairball, spackler,patch adams, philmont, stawberry, splinter, freud, rump roast, dig dug, peaches, garbage plate, pop, morning after, fireman ed, Frehlys comet(respect), bull dog (No respect), chipotle, crabcake(QIC)

Circle up, move, circel up, move

19 pax showed up for Rebel Yell to see what YHC had planned. With a little chill in the air and all of us just standing around catching cold, it was time to move. Head over to parkinglot in front of Harris Tetter and cuircle up, Disclaimer given.
SSH x20 IC 10 Burpees OYO
IW x20 IC 8 Burpees OYO
Let’s move and circle up in another part of the lot.
SSh x 20 IC 6 Burpees
Squats x20 IC 4 Burpees
Enough warm up, need to get some work in. Head over to Tree of lights for instructions. 2 groups head in differnt directions and do called exercise at 3 stations
Cycle 1
1) 20 CDD 2) 20 Derkins 3)10 jump ups. LBC at start/finish until all return
Cycle 2
1) 20 CDD 2) 20 Inclince MErkins 3)Backward/Front lunges 10 each leg. LBC until all return
Cycle 3
1) 6 Burpees 2) 20 Merkins 3) 10 Deep squats/ LBC until all return
Jog over to rearof theater and grab some wall
People chair w/25 air presses IC
Bear crawl up hill, Mosey down
Peoples Chair w/25 air presses IC
Run up hill, Bear Crawl Down
People Chair 60 sec, drop 6″ for another 10 sec
Bear crawl Merkins up hill, Mosey down.
Jog to front of theater, partner up, size/speed does not matter
300 LBC cumulative. Plank when done.
Mosey to start, 10 Burpees
Dollies x 25 IC
Flutter x 25 IC

With a little chill in the air, figured the best way to get warmn was to move and keep moving, so thats what we did. No reason to stand in a circle for longer then we had to, so I moved it. Just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Not to much chatter until the pax noticed a pattern on the Burpees. Remember, burpees don’t really like you either.
Good work by everyone and thanks for following me into the gloom

Donate your shoes #soleredemption
Frued is looking for financial donors to contribute, college ministry. Reach out to him for more information.

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