Dirty Dozen

  • When:10/18/14
  • QIC: Travolta
  • The PAX: Dill, Giselle, Panzer, Spicerack, Travolta

Dirty Dozen

In a day when most St. Mark F3ers were on a retreat 5 PAX took on the Mighty Jungle for a non-stop shortened workout with a huge reward at the end!

Warm up:

SSH X 30

Toy Soldier x 15

Mountain Climber x 30

Cotton Picker x 15

The Dirty Dozen:  Each midway point in the parking lot was a stop for exercise.  Each exercise was 12 reps.  No break and a continuous mosey between each.

1. Merican

2 Squat

3. SSH

4. Dry Dock

5. Jump Squat

6. LBC

7. Jump Lunge

8. BBC

9. Diamond Merican

10. WW 2 Situp

11. Wide grip Merican

12. Burpees

The PAX made it through three rotations in 35 minutes.  Future goal would be 5 rotations in 45 min.

The “feel good” moleskin:

1. As part of my assignment as HIC, I needed to find some qualified men to help the St. Mark landscape volunteer Bob spread mulch throughout the parking lot.  I must say, I never realized that he did ALL the landscaping by himself or sometimes needed to pay for help to meet his goals.  Let me tell you this guy is amazing.  The five of us stuck around and helped him empty one of two monster piles of mulch.  Bob was not only the most appreciative man I have ever seen, he mentioned that what we did saved him at least a week of work – we were there 30 minutes!!!

2. Special thanks to Moses and Deerhunter for finding me, offering our assistance to Bob, and helping the five of us feel great after helping a fellow man.

3. Tclaps to all four of the PAX who found the time to stay and help:  Dill, Giselle, Panzer, and Spicerack.

4. I’m humbled each and every day with this group and can’t thank God enough for pointing me in the direction of F3.

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Gnarly Goat
Gnarly Goat
9 years ago

Wow. BZ Mighty Jungle. Awesome.

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