Avast the clean&press

  • When:10/18/2014
  • QIC: Swiss Miss
  • The PAX: High Tide, Low Tide, Dumpster Fire, Sonoma, Heisenberg, Ponce, Relo (WD), Moon River

Avast the clean&press

7 hearty mates sailed into Port Olde Providence to join YHC and High Tide who were swinging some oddly shaped cannon balls in a pre-workout workout.

After some brief chatter, we rounded up the iron, moseyed to the field and circled up.

SSH – 20 IC
IW – 21 IC (Q miscounted)
Merkins – 15 IC
Squats – 15 IC
Having got the blood flowing, it was time to move on to the main thang: partner up and line up on the sideline, partner 1 does called exercise while P2 does recovery run to other sideline and back, flapjack until reached called total count. Plank when finished. Once all PAX planking, move on to the next round.

1)      100 2-handed swings
2)      100 partner total CDD
3)      150 dead bugs (each tap is “1”)
4)      60 clean and press (had called for 100, but audibled 60)
5)      100 merkins
6)      200 Freddy Mercury (each knee is “1”)
7)      50 viking press (or some approximation that wouldn’t result in injury)
8)      100 calf raises

  • mosey to pullup station
    chin to bar and hold for 10, then descend slowly to straight arms during 10-count
    1 burpie
    chinup for 8, 8-count descent
    2 burpies
    chinup for 6, 6-count descent
    3 burpies
    chinup for 4, 4-count descent
    4 burpies
    chinup for 2, 2-count descent
    5 burpies
  • Mosey around closest ball field and back to COP site. On your six.
    Form circle on field.  Each PAX calls a Mary exercise.  PAX perform called exercise AMRAP while caller lunch walks or frog jumps around circle. If YHC recalls correctly, we had a few Flutters, and a few Protractors, Freddy Mercury, LBC, and regular sit-ups.
  • Protractor: each Pax calls a degree and hold for 10 count

Thank you for the honor of leading – I had fun and hope you did too.  Way to push yourselves, especially with the novelty of some new movements courtesy of the kettlebells. If you don’t have a KB, you should get one soon.  There are several workouts around Area51 that make extensive use of KBs, and I’m sure they will be making guest appearances at other workouts from time to time.  But since we can’t all be beasts like High Tide and swing a 45# bell like it’s a birthday balloon, I recommend starting with something a bit smaller.

T-claps to Relo – War Daddy, and to Low Tide, who is recovering from an ankle injury, but still hung tough.

Project Sole Redemption: Bring pair of used men’s shoes (decent shape and cleaned off) next month between November 10-17. Goal for Area51 is 300 pairs.

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