Devil’s Turn – More Hills?!?

  • When:10/09/2014
  • QIC: Stump Hugger
  • The PAX: The Mouth, Tiger Rag, Frasier, Madame Tussaud, Soft Pretzel, Turkey Leg, Haggis, Bratwurst, MallCop, Wolfman, Stump Hugger (QIC)

Devil’s Turn – More Hills?!?

YHC had the privilege to Q Devil’s Turn for the tapering Honey Bee. Honey Bee will be running in the Chicago Marathon this weekend and we wish him a successful and speedy run!!

The Thang:

Run the hills of Piper Glen and try not to get lost or trip on uneven sidewalk down Rea. 4 mi – 6 mi – 8 mi + and then some.



Lots of F2 on the warm up some reminiscing about the Mudrun and talk of Turkey Leg moving day….proper technique for loading and unload throw pillows and duvet. Sounds like TR can carry some appliances on his back if you can catch him… Thanks for the closing prayer Tiger Rag.



New workout on Friday 10/10/14 F3Brave in Ballantyne @ the Vine Restaurant in the Ballantyne launch 0515. Running and obstacle training style workout to prepare for mud and obstacle races – Ropes to climb.

New workout on Friday 10/10/14 F3/Overdrive @ Sun Valley MS 0530-0615 – I hear there is a clown car – contact Tiger Rag or Stone Cold.

Turkey Leg needs help moving on Friday DM him if you can help.

Reach out to Bratwurst if you are running Thunder Road









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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Good luck Honey Bee! Godspeed.

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