Tuesday Morning Special

  • When:10/07/2014
  • QIC: Wingman
  • The PAX: Garbage Plate, Soft Pretzel, Sunrise, Margot, Morning After, Lewinski, Black Beard, Pulled Pork, FNG Rump Roast, Brisket, Tiger Rag, Chipotle, Frehley's Comet, Loogie, Overrated, Peaches, Frasier, Parfait, Yogurt, Morning Star, Pop, Bratwurst, Mic Check, Haggis, Long Haul, Wingman.

Tuesday Morning Special

19 (with 1 FNG) in for bagpipe plus 7 runners today.  Colder weather, not yet cold enough for longsleeves #overheated.

The Thang
Side Straddle Hop 25x IC
Imperial Walker 25x IC
Mountain Climber 25x IC
Little Baby Crunch 25 IC

Mosey to fountains
20 Jump Ups or Step Ups
20 Dips
20 Declined Merkins
Run to building
Plank while you wait

Mosey to loading docks
Peoples Chair for one minute (30s of arms out)
Peoples Chair a few inches lower than the last time for 1 minute

Mosey to Smaller pond with Hill
7s – 6 Burpees up and top, 1 squat at the bottom, etc, etc

Mosey to the Bulls for Mary – Audible*
Dolly 25x IC
10 Standard Sit Ups
Flutter 25x IC
10 Standard Sit Ups
Bicycle 25x IC
10 Standard Sit Ups

Mosey towards new intersection and find some grass
Time for Jack Webb.  we went up to six merkins and 24 arm raises and back down.

Take it home.

Not a lot of chatter out there this morning.  We covered some distance which may have had something to do with it.  Arms out on peoples chair was a Frehleys-MicCheck argument of some sort. Tried to do Mary in the grass at the Bulls but the sprinklers were on. I have a feeling if Dolphin was Q, he woudn’t have aborted to another location.  Good work by all and Welcome to the new FNG Rump Roast

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