#F3Swift – Only half of a 10K?

  • When:10/07/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Soft Pretzel, Margot (Swift FNG), Tiger Rag, Frasier, Haggis, Bratwurst, Long Haul

#F3Swift – Only half of a 10K?

7 PAX launched into the Gloom at 5:15 today for the weekly Running Interval workout known as Swift.


  • Warm-up 1 mile at 2nd F pace, then 6 exercises (toes, heels, B-skip, bounding, high knees, hot coals) and strides covering another 0.5 mile
  • 7 intervals of 3:15 at 10K pace, 0:45 seconds to recover with jog and regroup
  • Cool-down 0.75mile at 2nd F pace.
  • 6 minutes of Mary at COT
  • Total mileage – somewhere near 10K (with over half at 10K pace)

The Moleskin:

  • We used the Bull Ring today. Wait, there’s a putting green here?  Trying something a little different today for recovery, since the 3:15 interval took us around the 0.5 Bull Ring to different points, our recovery was to get back to the putting green in 0:45 seconds.  Most PAX seemed to be able to get back, but that was probably a little aggressive to get back in such a short amount of time from the “outer ring”.  Next time, you’ll have to follow YHC’s actions (“don’t do as I say”, but YHC did try to blurt this out once incoherently) and head to the putting green during the interval to have more standing-around rest.
  • Get your 10K pace from the calculator at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator.  Why is it important to run at certain paces?  Well, you’re going to get smoked regardless, but having a target to run for will help you know you’re not pushing yourself into negative returns.  Train as hard as you need to, not faster.  Once you prove your fitness level in a race, then make the target training pace faster.  Otherwise, training becomes harder than it needs to be and can lead to injury.  See announcement below about next Race!
  • Welcome to Swift FNG Margot.  YHC already forgot the nickname reference, for the only thing YHC could think about was Margot from the last Jack Bauer 24 series.  YHC didn’t want any part of that…ruthless.
  • YHC wishes this was Frasier at FT week…he pushed us so hard that YHC felt the merlot coming on during one of the intervals.  Dude was killing it today and running more distance on every interval.  Good kind of hate hate.
  • Haggis would pull up on the pace, fall off, pull up, fall off, pull up, fall off.  Don’t think that YHC is writing the “train smart” for Haggis…correction, not only for Haggis.  Not many PAX can push themselves to the red line as many times in a workout as Haggis.  When the rest of the PAX were doing Mary at the end of the workout, Haggis chose tons of knuckle merkins.
  • Tiger Rag found the Open Shortest Path First route to Swift today.  Least cost was apparently a direct route not weighted by any metrics of construction, car accidents, or stub areas (if you are in IT Networking, that was pretty funny, trust me…).  At the end of the workout TR led the PAX in some brutal Mary with everything as some variation of a flutter.  Ask me how a one-legged Flutter feels – terrible, but in an awfully good kind of way.
  • Soft Pretzel (War Baby?) and Long Haul (definitely War Daddy) hooked up for the workout today in more of a Master / Apprentice sense.  Pushing through the pain is usually easier with a guy on your shoulder.


  • Tuesday, October 21 – 1 mile Time Trial at Community House Middle School track.  Not just a showdown between the SoBs and the rest of Area 51, this is an opportunity to test yourself for Fall / Winter training.  Plenty of weeks out from the Mud Run and just at the start of training for the Joe Davis Run, come out for an extended warm-up, 1 mile in race like conditions (plenty of elbows and adrenaline), and some other fun.  Look out for a sign-up link that has Time goals and other info to help us make the morning go more smoothly.  Bootcamp or more running options to follow the 1 mile.
  • November 5th – shooting for soft launch of Boot Camp at Marvin Ridge HS/MS campus.  It’s going to happen this time!

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