New Workout in Ballantyne – The Brave starts 10/10

  • When:10/10/14
  • QIC: Madame Tussauds, Champagne

New Workout in Ballantyne – The Brave starts 10/10

Workout Name: The Brave

Type: Running and Obstacle Training

Day/Time: Friday @ 0515 – 0615

Location: The Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO

The Brave is F3’s newest workout. There will no longer be Mud Run Training on Tuesday mornings in Ballantyne. The Brave will be a permanent workout on Friday morning and will be the same format as the temporary Tuesday Mud Run Training workout. All running levels are welcome and no PAX will be left behind.

The goal each week will be to run 4 – 5 miles, including obstacles similar to the Mud Run or any other obstacle races. Typical obstacles include hill runs, wall climbs, rope climbs, pulls ups, arm walks on parallel bars, trail runs and much more.

Do you enjoy pre-kettlebell workouts before you post? Well, we won’t have those. We will have Rope Climbing Clinics before the workout (check twitter). The clinic will give the PAX tips for climbing and provide an opportunity work on their technique and build strength for climbing ropes.

Are you brave enough to post? Meet at #F3thebrave to find out. See you in The Gloom!

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