Matrix Monday

  • When:09/29/14
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: Jordy, Peaches, CMD (respect), Madison, Floorslapper, Gumbo, Holy Hitman, Matlock (respect), O'Tannenbaum, Turkey Leg, Prohibition, Uncle Leo, YL (Q)

Matrix Monday

Early Monday morning 13 hardy men performed the toughest exercise of all – 1 Fartsack Extraction OYO, repeato as many times as necessary – then descended upon the AO to break the daily sweat. Here is what we did:

Run around school yard, end up in middle of track for COP:

  • 50x SSH
  • 20x IW
  • 20x Low Slow Squats
  • 15x Low Slow Merkins
  • 15x Mountain Climbers
  • 15x Peter Parker
  • 15x Parker Peter
  • 20 burpees OYO

11s across infield of track: Jump Squats and Carolina Dry Docks

LBCs while waiting for the six then (all together) Flutter x25

Mosey to the wall

  • 2 minutes people‚Äôs chair (mixing in all sorts of painful ways to prolong the agony), BTW (mixing in extending arms (one at a time) and shuffling R and L)
  • Repeato
  • Repeato again

Run to jungle gym for circuit:

  • 5 pullups (good form), 20 squats, 20 merkins, run to yonder car and back, up and over the climbing wall
  • Repeato for 10 minutes


  • Dolly x25
  • Rosalita x25



Alf and Uncle Leo – thanks for the opportunity to Q. My first post (A51) and my first Q (Matrix) were at McKee Rd. Elem. Always good to come back and suck down some more Kool-Aid.

Cobains for the tardy post #quarterend #dealattorney #gottapaythebills. I usually like to post my backblasts the day of, but this time I was precluded by my daily occupation.

Strong work out there from everyone. From start to finish this workout didn’t let up. I know I was pretty smoked – hope everyone else was as well.

Props to Uncle Leo. Hair was fro-tastic today.

Kotters to Matlock. Good to see you again. Been too long. Now that Floorslapper is actually showing up before the workout begins, it’s good to have someone rolling in a couple minutes past. Keeps us honest.


  • Outland – new workout coming soon
  • Mud Run – leave early on bus or attend Saturday workouts at Rock/Area 51/Outland (all others converge at Rock)
  • Probably more but securitization has sucked my ability to remember anything else from Monday morning. Shout out in comments if you really want to get the word out.

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