Back To School

  • When:10/01/14
  • QIC: Snowflake
  • The PAX: Dick Clark, 50 Shades, Hops, Stone Cold, Blue Rhino, Tesla (WD), Bono, Bridges, Winterplace, Snowflake

Back To School

10 men posted at Providence Day School for an early PE class.


Run out the main drive and back to drop-off circle
Lunge Walk to Tech building
Run to Football field

SSH x 25
Merkins x 15
Squats x 20

Count off by 2’s
1) Bunny hop up steps toward MAC
2) Merkins down other side of steps

Run behind field house to baseball diamond
Bear Crawl to first base
Crab Walk to second
Bear Crawl to third
Lunge Walk home

Run to field house
Run up steps to top of field house
People’s Chair: 20 seconds regular, 20 seconds Left Leg high, 20 seconds regular, 20 seconds Right Leg high, 20 seconds regular
Feet on the wall Derkins x 15
Repeat People’s Chair cycle
Run down steps field

Belly start sprint, goal line to 50, 10 burpees OYO, sprint back.
Repeato with 10 Diamonds, and 25 Squats

LBC x 25
Flutter x 25

Fellowship Lap
Partner Up: Partner Carry to 20, Flapjack back
Wheelbarrow to 30, Flapjack back
Partner carry to 30, Flapjack back

Run back to parking lot
LBC x 35
Bicycle x 25
Flutter x 25


Somehow, after 2 1/2 years of F3, this is only my third or fourth post at The Charge, and my first Q. It’s an awesome campus- Thank You for the opportunity to lead a solid group of men!
YHC had Mud Run on the mind all morning, and will be tapering from here. I hope everyone got their money’s worth today, though.

F3 Expansion into Union County with Outland, Saturdays at Sun Valley Middle School.
Put on the EH to all you know in the southland. Wednesdays coming soon.

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