Ladders and Laps

  • When:09/27/14
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Gumbo, Chipotle, Soft Pretzel, Patch Adams, Turnpike, Lugie, Brisket, Haggis, Pulled Pork, Teddy, Outback, Lex Luthor, Housekeeping, Puppy Love, Morning After, Mother Hubbard, Mighty Mite, Camacho, Frehley's Comet, Dolphin (QIC)

Ladders and Laps

20 strong pax leapt into the early gloom for this week’s Stonehenge.  While the weather did seem a bit cooler, YHC was still sweating profusely after 10 minutes.

The Thang

– LBC x 25, not much time for a warm-up today

Little baby jog over to Loch Ness

Ladders and Laps
Round 1:
– 10 Merkins
– 9 LBCs
– 8 Squats
– 7 Dips
– 6 Mountain Climbers
– 5 Burpees
– 4 Step-ups (each leg)
– 3 Derkins
– 2 Dying Cockroaches
– 1 Lap (moderate sprint
– 1 more lap to cool down

Round 2:
Rinse and Repeat adding two reps to everything except lap
– 12 Merkins, 11 LBCs…4 Dying Cockroaches, etc.

Round 3:
Rinse and Repeat adding two more reps to everything except lap
– 14 Merkins, 13 LBCs…6 Dying Cockroaches, etc.
On lap, lunge walk in corners

Round 4:
Rinse and repeat reducing by two reps
– 12 Merkins, 11 LBCs…4 Dying Cockroaches, etc.

Round 5:
Rinse and repeat reducing by two more reps
– 10 Merkins…2 Dying Cockroaches, etc.

Several pax appeared to be done with running so YHC offered up options
1) Continue with laps, etc.
2) Amend workout (not disclosing the amendment)
Pax chose option 2 so we continued laddering down

9 Merkins
8 LBCs
7 Squats
6 Dips
5 Mountain Climbers
4 Burpees
3 Step-ups
2 Derkins
1 Dying Cockroach

Rinse Repeat
8 Merkins, 7 LBCs…..1 Derkin, no dying cockroaches

Continue Rinse and Repeat removing exercise each round until just “2 Merkins and 1 LBC” left
– YHC changes to 2 dozen merkins and 100 LBCs
Finish off with 10 Merkins

Run back to Wells Fargo lot adjacent to The Vine
Split into two teams
Team 1: Relay sprint to end of lot and back
Team 2: LBCs until T1 finished

Mosey to The Vine parking lot


– Very solid effort by everyone. This was a tough workout that kept us moving with no breaks other than planking.
– Pax seem to be in solid form ahead of the Mudrun next weekend
– YHC based this workout on one that my daughter’s volleyball team did for conditioning (without the running)

– Stonehenge converging at The Rock next Saturday but at regular 6:00 AM start time. Pax can still get to early sports or got for a doubledown.

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