Back To Basics

  • When:09/29/14
  • QIC: Snowflake
  • The PAX: Hairball, Hops, Hopper, Eye Chart, Field of Dreams, Chef Boyardee, Big Willie, Backdraft, Rachard, Brushback, Blades of Glory, Agony, Tardy, Kirk, Skywalker, Hampton, Hamlet, One-Eye, Orlando, Ichabod, Dick Clark, Gummy, Chappy, Want Ad, Baracus, Love Bug (LIFO) Snowflake

Back To Basics

29 Pax from around the region gathered in the DMZ gloom to kick off their week.

0530 Disclaimer and Wheels Up
Run to Carmel Middle School
SSH x 25
Merkins x 15
Squats x 25

Partner Up for some back stairs shoulder work
1 Bear Crawl up the ramp
2 Moving Merkins down the stairs
Log jam at top of stairs nixes Round Two; Audible to The Hill

11’s at Hill
1 Squat at fence, run up Hill, 10 Burpees
2 Squats, 9 Burpees (you know the rest)

Mosey to back of building for People’s Chair and ….
People’s Chair 30 seconds
Left Leg out 30 seconds
Regular 30 seconds
Right Leg out 30 seconds
Regular 30 seconds, Recover

Balls To Wall
Regular 15 seconds
Left Arm high 15 seconds
Regular 15 seconds
Right Arm high 15 seconds
Regular 15 seconds

Repeat People’s Chair cycle

Run around school to front benches, Partner Up
1 Run lap around school
2 Dips until Partner returns
Plankarama until 6 returns

Run to Church, 10 Diamonds at the Speed Humps
Mary v1
LBC x 35
Flutter x 35
Heels to Heaven x 15

Run lap around church to Park lot
Mary v2
LBC x 35
Bicycle x 35
Russian Twist x 15



We had a great crowd out to kick off the week! 29 blended Pax representing Metro and A51 (or is it A51 and Metro) for some no-frills blocking and tackling drills. No individual exercise was a smoker, but the plan was for the cumulative effect of constant motion. Despite some repeated calls for 10 Burpees at Mary, YHC stuck to core work to close out the gloom. #QtrumpsSiteQ
One-Eye and a couple others were very strong Larry Birds, leading the runs.

Mud Run this weekend!
Palmetto 200: aka Blue Ridge Relay minus “ridges” March 20-21

Hops delivers another great shout-out to send us into the week with purpose.

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